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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Those who suffer are truly blessed 11 26 2014

Those who suffer are truly blessed 11 26 2014

I heard a priest once say that.  It doesn't mean that those who are making you suffer are blessing you, and it doesn't mean that to make other people suffer is to bless them and hence you are doing that person a good deed!  At least not in my point of view, it might in the point of view of that priest or an abnormal person though.  He wasn't able to articulate it in that manner!

Needless to say my interpretation of "Those who suffer are truly blessed," is that we suffer because we are better.  Those who make us suffer will NEVER admit that though.  The psychology is that if they had to believe that they would indeed self destruct because of what they would be forced to believe about themselves.  Hence that is where the valid construct of those who you believe are your enemy think they are your greatest friend in the world.  That is the weak belief system that they have to have because they are unaccountable for their actions!

So the priest is indeed saying that those who suffer do so because they are better.  Much the same way the principle of, "No genius is free from the teachings of madness?"  And perhaps that means the mentally defective are constantly attempting to merge with a normal human mind in order to better fit in with humanity.  For it is only the normal human being that would ever have the human heart and compassion to tolerate those of madness?  Madness meaning  brain defect.  Hence the genius isn't really a genius.  He is just a normal human being with a human understanding and comprehension of human life that suffers from those who are mad and attempting to be human.  And what the worse thing could be would be when those who are not quite up to the human par quit attempting to be human!  We don't really want them to give up!  Perhaps to a person like that everything they do they fear is under constantly scrutiny as not being one of us!!!  I don't really care if you are not one of us, just be nice and quiet about it.  Where that race gets into deep trouble is when they attempt to assert the inverse of what is true and do so by violating human rights!  When the only way that person can feel good about themselves is by victimizing a human being we run into trouble, and we have that today!  The animal among us would seek to numb our thinking so that it would never have to face the reality of its inability to think for itself!  So you better stop that!  You are all well and good as long as you never ever cross that line!  But you have crossed that line!  When you cross that line arrogantly believing you are something you are not or believing you have attained all the knowledge that you need from an inverse imprint you put the human race to extinction!  Why?  Because professional positions in civilization require the normal brain structure to think about reverberations, complications, future likelihoods, (about what they persecuted to death those that they called prophets for!)  Let me attempt to create a scene to describe it.  Forget it.  What I am trying to say is that is capped level thinking!  It is boob-strapping of the human race!  Take that knowledge as if you learned it put it in your boob strap and medicate the person whose mind you attained it from!  And no one will figure it out.  Ever see a little Italian man walking around hunched at the shoulders as if his mothers boobs were swinging before him? :)  So she takes the knowledge she bootstrapped and gets up to the podium as if she is the worlds greatest expert.  However she can't answer any questions and she fails to consider the full future meaning of how someone answers her on questions!  She just likes to assume that by some odd reason the person she asked the question is always conforming to her will or what the professionalism should be.  In effect she has aped the professional process.  And it is a game with her isn't it.  He answers her question and she nods her head as if he really will conform with the intent of her question.  This line or reasoning is influenced by a PBS show that documented the redistricting of New York towns like Brooklyn in gentrification, and how towns that had 5% or more black people were redlined.  One black man stated he thought the Hasidic Jews were great but as soon as he moved into that town they all moved out for no apparent reason.  The documentary also told of how that redlining fed the real estate business.  And also how black communities that were left as hopeless built themselves up.  And I have to ask?  What black person is the original producer of drugs?  Not likely is it.  The voices that dun me for my soul would appear to be very racist and don't like blacks.  Me I am just for fairness.  I don't know of any black lineage in my genes but I identify with the black person who plays by all the rules and attempts to achieve in fairness more than I do most white people!  Now here is another concept after the voice speaks to you for a while then the thoughts you have afterwards are not always your own.  So in effect in order to make clear decisions with regard to government policy one should clear ones head by getting away from that which is trying to convince and influence you for awhile.  And just because it is quiet afterwards does not mean that bad spirit isn't still trying to influence your thinking and is with you!  Best to start something different and come back to the analysis of what was said to you later from a anew perspective.  And here is the crux to that understanding being able to discern a truly anew perspective from the perspective you get from the aura of the persons soul that was talking to you or with you!  Lot of depth to that statement that I will further articulate over time.  But it has great ramifications in our legal system, our business system and our legislature and political dealings!  To fight one must be vigilant with this ideology why must I stand my ground on this issue; what is it that I was initially attempting to preserve and protect before that person attempting to influence me.  And a person can influence you with the tactic of acting like they are not attempting to influence you!  What it amounts to is when you are basically reverting back to images of them or what they said in some emotion, if not aloofness, when you think of an issue.  Rather than depersonalizing the logic and premises related to the issue.  Attempt to consider the issue as if a person who looked to be the exact opposite of the one that told you or in the middle ground actually said it.  Better yet create the image of a person from the ground up consistent with your belief system of what someone who would say something like that would really look like!  What does that person represent?  Is that person really attempting to sell you a happy image of themselves when in reality they are miserable unless they are manipulating human beings?( and creating untold waste in the process? and future liability.  How do you expect a person like that will deal with the future liabilities they created?  You get it don't you!  It has to be your fault so you will again be the victim!

Psychiatry is boobstrapping of the human race!  And somewhere in this article I meant to use the word boobstrapping and not bootstrapping.

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014
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