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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Barred from doing business in your community 04 12 2014

Barred from doing business in your community 04 12 2014

1.       Is there a way that a television or radio company which has propagandized something so horrific and false can be barred from barred from broadcasting an over the air signal into your community? Of course there is!  And if they have been barred from transmitting an over the air signal into your community it also means that they will not be allowed to broadcast over the air into other communities in the circle around their television or radio antenna; because the signal flows unidirectional from the tower.  And sure they are going to want to say that they fired all the people responsible.  But that would not be good enough; the employees and business owners would have to abandon the business completely because the violation would be so great.  And then new ownership that had absolutely no affiliation, relation or connection in any way to the previous ownership or employees could be granted control of the operating assets.  And because they have been banned from transmitting a broadcast signal into your community it means that they can also not be allowed to broadcast from satellite to ground station that from a cable network!  Again for the same reason that the satellite signal radiates like an umbrella.  And that means that the power will then be disconnected and severed from your antenna and your media office.

2.      Is there a way that a paper newspaper that has published something so horrifically untrue and propagandized it can be barred from distributing that newspaper into your neighborhood?  Absolutely!  That can be very simply done.  And once they lose their ability to deliver to your community other communities in their node of service are likely to follow banning them to for the exact same valid and true reason that your community did.  This is why maintaining true and responsible journalism is so very important to the health of human civilization.  And all that is really needed to prove this is that a mature and intelligent adult would have been stated to have constructive knowledge of a lie and did nothing to prevent or reverse it and the effect it had on a community!  And that will be easily proven too!

3.      Is there a way that a Canadian bank that has been found to prey on the elderly in your community can be barred from doing business in your community?  Absolutely all it takes is one good and honest Village President that believes in the Lady Standard to step up and say you have committed criminal activity and will not be allowed to do business in my community.  You have two weeks to distribute the banking assets of the people that live in my community to them.  At which time the Village police will bar any former employees from entering your branch location here.  Also because those employees have participated in criminal activity they will not be allowed to work in the financial industry within my village ever again!  And that transgression might be as simple as your elderly parent being denied access to the online bank to pay their monthly bills with by taking measures where their password was prevented from working.  And inclusive with that reason is that they were told they did not even have an account with the bank when indeed they have their life savings located there!  And if that bank does not have the cash on hand to distribute to its individual patrons (not corporations) then all the employees of that banks personal banks assets will be confiscated and also any assets of a Corporation that they lent to will also be confiscated from that Corporation in order to give the Citizens of the United States back their money.  And I am talking about the BMO Harris in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin.

And if the local police refuse to implement such order honest Americans can be deputized by a higher authority to have the power to defend our Freedom with the same right to use deadly force to prevent criminal businessmen and women from gaining access to such facilities.

This movement has more support than you might realize and those days are coming very fast!  And that is the rise of community leadership that you are going to see in the United States!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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