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Friday, April 11, 2014

Here is how I sum up the Obama Administration 04 11 2014

Here is how I sum up the Obama Administration 04 11 2014

Pot, Gays and no guns; everything a monkey needs to be happy in life.  The other thing a monkey needs in life is for you to have mandatory private health insurance so that when you are screwed up by the monkey you don’t come to him with regard to the liability.  And when the monkey is screwed up by the monkey then it can drain that money from the Government.  Just as what happened last time as the insurance companies merged with the major banks and the banks went under because of the London based mortgage fraud in the United States.  That brings up the last thing a monkey needs to be happy, a free home!

The other thing the monkey needs to keep him happy then is a free servant.  One that doesn’t speak the English language would be best; and those came from Mexico courtesy of George Bush.
The next thing the animal needs to keep it happy is to have a human being for its prisoner; to abuse and teach the servant with!

And then the monkey will want some children to share its prosperity with so it goes to the market and finds them rather than have to go through the burden of pregnancy.

And then the monkey needs to find a job.  So the only thing that it can think of is how it dominated the playground when it was young.  So indeed we see the rise of pay for professional sports.

And when that monkey is found guilty of crimes it then needs a justice system that pities it!  And of course a media industry that makes it feel good about itself.  Constantly reassures it of its place and stature in our society.

Then if some human beings are still around the monkey finds a way to send them to war without actually declaring War!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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