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Friday, April 11, 2014

How can a special education student ever graduate 04 11 2014

How can a special education student ever graduate 04 11 2014

If they can't meet the requirement of knowledge needed to graduate how can they graduate?

Are we to let them then to keep frequently school zones all their lives?  If so one would believe that our schools would be so crowded with Special Education people that there would be no place to educate the normal children.

And I don't even believe that by the time a normal persons life is over that a special education student would be smart enough to graduate.

So indeed it is a family affair isn't it!  The school system becomes the family of the special education people whereby no one else then feels welcome?

And even if at some point in time they meet the knowledge requirement will they then ever be able to reach the adult maturity and responsibility requirement?  There are those of adult age who were not classified as special education students that don't meet those requirements.  So what kind of industries will we have to create in order to meet their adult needs in our society.  Illegal drug infrastructure related right?

For the official graduation ceremony present a box of sponges would be good?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 04 11 2014 at: www.themilwaukeeandwisconsinnews.blogspot,com
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