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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Walker Signs bill to expand ShotSpotter 04 12 2014

Walker Signs bill to expand ShotSpotter 04 12 2014

This comment got erased off my screen right after I typed it so I will attempt to write it again and it is never as good as the first writing and indeed often not the way I want it to be written when a hacker erases the first draft from my screen.
So right after that Barrett wants to release them all from prison.  And after that he will hand them each a German Milwaukee Malt Liquor or French Italian bottle of ripple at the local park at a social event because it promotes Milwaukee business, well he won’t really hand it to them but the publicity is just the same!  Or a $90 bottle of hard liquor the college students buy and add to our student loan national debt. Have any of you even done one single once of research as to what the effects of alcohol are on the hippo campus?  How a prisoner who drinks isn’t going to be one that you can reform.  How alcohol likely created the criminal minded from birth?  You can’t even mention the issue because you would be out of the city as mayor because you offended Business interests over the rights of the people!
No instead you want to see where the shots are fired from on your video game monitor.  You have one male that will do that and a female that will fail to answer the 911 calls for lack of adult competency.  And when those 911 calls are not properly addressed it means more shots will be fired.  You will be able to see where they came from wont you!  But you won’t be able to pull those bullets out of living hearts will you!  But that is okay because you saw where they came from.  Make a he said she said issue out of it while a human being with a non-defective brain, because his or her parents conceived them and raised them responsibly, has a bullet in their dead heart!
What dream world do you believe you are living in? Do you believe that the police force is really a place where you can create bastard children that you don’t have to raise yourself?  He belongs living right there living in the core with those who he failed to serve and protect. You think that the people don’t know what integrity is?
All three of those men in that picture do not deserve to serve in public office.  Tell me why we should have confidence in them?
And my point is this it doesn’t matter what type of weapon they use, a man could run around with a steak knife and kill 40 people.  I suppose you want the ability to search people’s homes and take away their sharp knives so that they can’t cut vegetables with them?  And maybe you take the baseball bats from the playground away after that too!  And the hammers from the hardware store.  Tools that responsible men commonly have and work with.  How long before you don’t want anyone to have tools because they might hurt themselves with them you’ll say as you dip your chin like your mommas ferry. THE REAL WEAPON IS THE ALCOHOL!
I also believe that any dog that attacks and bites a human being should be shot dead on the spot by anyone as a mandate or rule!  On one hand you have a human being on the other an animal!  We were not born to be hunted by animals or fear them.  There should be no penalty for killing any dog whatsoever!  Sure you say they find drugs?  Then why do we have the drug problem keep growing and growing?  Your argument has already been invalidated.
Would either one of those three people in the picture want a criminal that is released to live next door to them?  And it is too bad that most are black because it makes the next part of this less powerful.  But if you don’t want them living next door to you and you don’t want them to be in prison because it is cruel and unusual punishment or your budget can’t afford it.  And then you really don’t want them to be free when they are free which means they should get their gun back….On one hand you claim to be men of integrity and honor and on the other we will see you at social events drinking alcohol which creates the very problems that you have no workable solution to.  But it makes you happy and smiling to drink.  And maybe your wives like you better when you are intoxicated and not thinking clearly?  There is another point.  By drinking you are promoting the criminal mind aren’t you!  An intoxicated mind is a criminal mind isn’t it!
It would seem to me that you are trying to compensate for lack of leadership lack of judicial effectiveness, lack of police integrity in communities by spending a lot of money on after the death technology?
All three of them should be sitting on the same porch in the middle of the core where the shot spot will be installed.  Barrett and Flynn, these men are a great shame to the Irish race!  They have to be from Northern Ireland and not south.  I look at them in that picture and it is like they are each wearing a queens dress and proud of it.

After you determine that everyone in that 10 square mile area is guilty of something then the English or Arabian immigrants come and populate it, like they did Northern Ireland?  Traitors to men you are! Do their wives actually do their thinking for them I am prompted to ask?  And then they get mad at everyone else when their wives thinking doesn't hold up!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Oh lets see if JFK were driving through Texas in his open air Cadillac Sedan an expensive system like this would have prevented the back of his scull and scalp being blown off his head from a Communist with ties to a Jewish Gangster from New York setting up organized crime and maintaining it in either Texas or Milwaukee!  Okay Scott I dare you! Crack down on all forms of organized crime in Milwaukee including alcohol and then go for a ride down Martin Luther King Drive in a convertible Cadillac!  And make sure to take your wife and Mayor Barrett and chief of police Edward Flynn with you in that car.  In order to commemorate you for making a meaningful difference in Milwaukee?

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