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Saturday, April 12, 2014

On evil wives 04 12 2014

On evil wives 04 12 2014

Just because women like their men to be ignorant and docile in relation to their ignorance; doesn't mean that the rest of us have to put up with them as public figures.  Or be complacent with the creation and empowerment of them.

But women like that because it creates an easy example of success for their children to follow if indeed they have connections.  Evil women like to maintain an easy example of success for their children to follow.  You and I will be excluded from that from achieving and maintaining that same success by every means of the imagination!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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"What does your son do for a living?" one woman asked another.
"He plays professional baseball," the second woman responded beaming with pride.
"Just like he did in the third grade?"  the first woman asks?

Which brings up another point, how many of them argue like a third grader would?  Brings up that new meaning I gave ACT 10 the other day.  As in Act 10 until your Government employees are so fed up with you until they quit!

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