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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Flaw in the United States Constitution 04 09 2014

Flaw in the United States Constitution 04 09 2014

Article 1 Section 8 (9) has what appears to be a flaw in it regarding the abuse of human rights!

The Congress shall have the power:

"To constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court;"

I don't agree with that because I feel that it has caused a great many violations of our Constitution that have indeed weakened the Constitution!

This is the equivalent of the drunk making laws that suit himself; and we can't have that!  So we need to create a petition with regard to an ammendment with regard to interpretation of this one!

That amendment would basically state that Congress cannot commit tribal crimes against humanity.  We are protected by it in our Constitution but it would appear that Congress is using this invalid clause in defense against crimes against humanity!

And with regard to torture that is cruel and unusual punishment and Barrack Obama had the duty to have justice brought to George Bush and Ronald Reagan because of that!  So it is an impeachable offense.

That one clause has been used time and again to pull the fabric of our democracy away from us!

But what is implied to that clause is that Congress must have to answer to the Supreme Court and be held accountable for all the actions of its tribunals!

And that means that a Tribunal cannot violate your Constitutional Rights because a tribunal is also inferior to the Supreme Court!

Hence how this should be interpreted is that a Tribunal may not determine if you are mentally ill!  It means a group of deemed professionals cannot take away your Constitutional rights!

This is valid in terms of the Tea Party Activities as well as Lobby Groups, and basically any group of people that made it into Politics on the lip of a silver spoon!  They cannot deprive you of your Liberty per a tribunal because it is inferior to the supreme law of that land!  Liberty means that they cannot prevent you from thinking for yourself or force you to take medication!  You have the right to be LIBERATED from such people via the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND!

It means that a Congressman who is found guilty of human experimentation is bound to punishment by the Supreme Law of the Land!

And indeed if you have lobbied a grievance to a Congressman and not had a response it means that in effect you grievance was not acknowledged!  Hence there is a provision whereby the power reverts to the people and that is you!

And there is no oh what I can get away with as a Congressman interpretation to this clause even though you might try and claim it in defense!

Each and every person who has been diagnosed and labeled with Schizophrenia has indeed been adjudicated by a tribunal that is inferior to the Supreme Court and there Supreme Human Rights that are meant to override that from ever happening!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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