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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy Easter 04 03 2014

Happy Easter 04 03 2014

Drink the wine with Myrrh in it likely lead too, likely be poisoned with crown of thorns or spear point to the side that is laced with LSD from the Ergot Root, or Belladonna known to cause oxygen deprivation brain cell death to the Hippo campus (therefore memory gone for good!), be nailed or tied to the cross naked for three hours in the hot sun and then be dumped in a prison guarded leper colony?  And the lepers did indeed have skin lesions; consistent with being unprotected in the sun.
That sounds like what the Romans did to create the Living Dead!
In celebration of the human beings that were martyred to the benefit of those that were born the living dead!  And that is why Jesus told them that they were Gods; because they had their own human conscience and human reason and it was victimized from them by those who didn’t!
A Catholic Priest was fond of telling me with a gleam in his eyes that they never found the body of the Jew Jesus Christ.
I don’t think much more of Italians today or the Catholic Church than that depiction above.

Congress shall make no law respecting religion!  That is in our Constitution!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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