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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Senator Johnson did not report aide's assault 04 05 2014 my commentary on that and other Wisconsin Issues updated

Senator Johnson did not report aide's assault 04 05 2014 my commentary on

We know right away that the management or supervisor speech to people like the woman who was sexually assaulted are the same throughout the country,

"After management talks to them and wheedles and deedles to them they learn in no uncertain terms that if they don't keep their mouth shut they will be fired.  And it will be a legally done for some reason.  And that they are of no recourse."

Both Senator Johnson and Senator Leah Johnson who was the topic of another Milwaukee Journal Article this morning should be fired and impeached.  And the impeachment process should not be as encumbered as it is.  All that should happen is that the citizens create a petition based on the circumstances and it is voted on and done!  It costs the citizens absolutely nothing to do so but the cost of keeping corrupt politicians in office is untold of.  We don't need to make a big deal out of it we just need to get it done quickly!

Also I believe that all members of the Federalists Society (Federal relates to monarchy which really means rule by queen) should be imprisoned in FEMA detention camps for Treason!

Because Senator Johnson did not act in a proactive manner I have to wonder if this woman was hired because someone had the idea of marrying her?

I also wonder if it is appropriate for black windowed limousines to be hired by politicians?  And I have to wonder about women being used as prostitutes in politics!  And to be honest with you I wonder that about the Lieutenant Governor!

So there would be a rule that Governors cannot rent limousines!  Also Governors should be forced to drive themselves where they want to go!  As well as Presidents and so on down the line!  For them being pampered in expensive limousines we the public have not seen the benefit of that expense!

And there will be men who will come forth too!  Perhaps one cannot be defined as being a man if they do not come forth in situations like that!

And I wonder who the drivers are?  Records are kept of that!  They either come forth and divulge all that they saw happen in their careers or face the death penalty for participating in treasonous activities that put our Democracy as risk!

None of that which I read in the morning paper has any place in our Country today!

Politicians are not elected to create and maintain criminal networks in the United States!

And nor should the public ever have to bear the burden of women who believe they really deserve to take the minds of men as their own.  We want absolutely no mind scalpers in the United States!  Their presence here is a violation of the United States Constitution with regard to the separation of religion and Government!

And we also need to weed out every single woman who used sex to climb to her position in our country!  Bipeds like that who can be defined as not having human reason or human conscience should indeed lose their right to vote!  Not only will you not be in public office you will not be allowed to vote!  Does that tell you how much I want this country cleaned up?  You will never again bear any influence in our Legislature!

And with regard to the CWD deer at game farms it can only happen is so many ways!
1. Those deer were captured in cages and brought to the game farms.  And the thought of that happening is horrific!  Again either you kill or you don't, you don't capture.
2. Those deer were fed contaminants containing excrement?
3.  And you wonder if those captive deer didn't get the CWD from bestiality.   You know every time I go to the south side of Milwaukee the males in the stores are all the same, they have mad dog whiskey voices and mouths full of  syphilis marbles logic.  Where I come from the man who drinks hard liquor mid day and then goes out in public is looking for trouble!!!!

Also there is no sport to hunting on game farms.  This is for wealthy fathers and sissy sons that they think they can pay for an afternoon of hunting and be thought of as a father to.  That isn't what hunting is about!  Hunting isn't about shooting fish in a barrel.

All CWD DEER on any game farm should be killed and buried 6 feet under at the expense of the former owner!!!    It costs very little to rent a backhoe and in fact the DNR agent should drive right up with one.  So if you have CWD on your property plan on picking a spot where they can be buried without wires or plumbing.  So there should no longer be any tall fences allowed at game farms!  From what I read a great many of the initial cases of the CWD disease occurred because of them escaping from a farm where they all had it.  And you cannot tell me that CWD does not transfer to humans in one form or another whether it be lichen planus or some other long term stupor type disease that they don't seem able to diagnose!  Also anyone living in a 10 mile radius of a game farm where 80 deer have CWD needs to be checked for pathogens and fungal disease!

All of the people referenced to in this article are not acting right and I belief alcohol to be the cause of it!  Humanity will have no future with alcohol.

And about the woman who stole $300,000.oo from special education funds in Shorewood?  How horrific can you be?  But more to the point did she have the belief that you can't teach them anything anyway?  That maybe they should have been aborted at birth?  The Special Education system is going to be the subject of a lot more Fraud.  And it is about like Father Murphy sexually molesting all those deaf boys.  Those teachers might not have sexually molested but what evidence do we have that they were able to teach those children anything at all?  In fact the evidence is quite to the contrary of that!  Our political leaders don't even want children to have to be able to pass tests to pass a grade!  What it really amounts to is that Prohibition should have never been defeated and no one wants to recognize that!  A human being is defined as having a human conscience and human reason!  In my humble opinion that which doesn't isn't one of us and therefore a proprietorial threat to our existence!

Now it is one thing for a normal child to have free schooling.  But it is quite another for the burden of teaching an abnormal child to fall on anyone but that child's parent.  And nor should children like that be allowed to be taught at home in the same community where there are schools.  Hence the justification that if you want to keep that child please move to a third world country!  Do not put that burden on our democracy!  Do not spoil and prop that defective minded child up to the point that they aspire to be a United States center!  You wouldn't even want someone like that preparing your food!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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