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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Monotheism is really Mono-Manism 04 05 2014

Monotheism is really Mono-Manism  04 05 2014

In other words both sexes of whatever that is can only stand the presence of one man?  And the fewer men there are around the fewer people to tell them what they can or cannot do with the correct reasons why or why not!

For if there were more than one man they would become confused?

So really monotheism is a reaction to there not being competent men around?  Because the men that were around were incompetent monotheism was indoctrinated so that all could be guided by just one mind and that would be a mans?  Monotheism is therefore the resentment of men because you are not one no matter what sex you are of?

And who are the men and women whose minds are worshiped in monotheism today?  They are ones who hear voices in their heads! 

If there were indeed polytheism none of us would be hearing voices because there would not be the demand for men's minds accompanied with the envy of their minds!

In monotheism the minds that are not of men are created to be that way from alcohols influence on fetal development?  Hence the sale of alcohol is indeed a violation of the separation of church and state!  Because it is a poison that creates men with the dependent minds of women and that can only be thought of as a religious belief?  Also the right to marry a cousin or incest is also violation of the separation of church and state because it creates the same defective minds of females in men as alcohol does!

And mono-manism is really hatred of men because you want very few of them around (mono meaning one)!  And Ein Ein Ein is all Adolf Hitler could say!  Ein means ONE!  Ein is German word.  And Ger means strange in Hebrew.  So indeed monotheism is a concept of strange men to the benefit of strange men?

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