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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Schizophrenia is a Title of Nobility 04 09 2014

Schizophrenia is a Title of Nobility 04 09 2014

Why you have the mind of a King!  A mind that is in great demand!  In fact the demand is so great that they have attempted to split (Schizo means split) your mind (phrenic means mind).  They (mentally defective that would split a human beings mind) would never desire to split and divide a mind that was not a great one!  So in effect it is the Kingdom ruling itself as if it were really the King!

Now there are great implications with regard to your title of Nobility that world Governments and going to want to readily deny and that is why we saw the Royal College of London try and do away with the term.  A monarchy only wants to have one King and that King likely has the mind of a pauper!  It really amounts to monotheism!  Also if they can get you to believe that you don’t have something that sounds as bad as they initially wanted you to think Schizophrenic did then they can more easily push and get you to take drugs.  How they are going to want to define you is through a litany of terms from what will be termed professional opinion.
Remember that the United States was indeed founded by the Puritans who believed themselves to be Godly!  If you read through your United States History and our Constitution you will see that all the laws they are trying to change and abolish with regard to our human rights are ones that prevented England from taking us over! (The right to keep and bear arms, The right to be free from illegal search and seizure, etc.
Your title of Nobility was indeed illegal per the United States Constitution and has been since its inception around the time of WW2.  Here it is in Article 1 of the Constitution of the United States Section 9-8.
“No title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States!”
As soon as we started to embrace the title and concept as nobility then they want to do away with the term.
So if they can obscure that it is a title of nobility once again you are disempowered!  But we cannot be disempowered because monotheism has taken the world too far in the wrong direction and that rule needs to end for the future history of humanity!

What they don’t want you to know is that they have had the exact same mind as you and that is the way that they want it but to your exclusion!  Why?  Because it would be completely unbearable to live every single second of their lives like that without allowing yourself some control over the mind that isn’t yours that you have.
The mentally defective have likely had that exact same mind as you from the moment you were first traumatized.  Trauma causes your life energy to dissipate from your body; an analogy to radio waves leaving a radio tower upon broadcast.
The reason that they have the exact same mind as you is because they were not able to form their own.  And the only way that this occurs is through a defective hippo campus.  Likely from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (as dyslexia and also a lisp are) or inbreeding or miscegenation. 

So if you don't believe that it is a title of Nobility then you can indeed consider it similar to someone in a Kingdom being called a waif.  Hence a waif is also a title that Represents nobility by contrast and for that reason they can't call you schizophrenic or any other term given an official medical name like that!

The very fact that you think of yourself as an empowered and superior human being because of this will always be a source of personal frustration for those who cannot form their own mind.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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“A wide chasm exists between them and us which can never be crossed.”  That is a phrase from the Bible.  It makes you wonder if England that was founded by the Romans wasn’t used as a penal colony?

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