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Monday, September 8, 2014

Countermeasure: You like being in my bed with me don't you! 09 08 2014

Countermeasure 09 08 2014
This Countermeasure might help you sleep better too!
If you HEAR AN EPHEMERAL VOICE WAKING YOU or WHILE YOU ARE LAYING IN YOUR BED use your mental voice to insult them and needle them in this defensive manner! And after all you have done nothing wrong because the voices they will hear and the actions they take against themselves come from their minds and not yours that is defending itself which they scientifically declare isn't possible!
“So you like being in my bed with me don't you homo!”
It means they are homosexual and never knew it! Once they react to the logical construe that is true they self implode.
“You like being in my bed with me, don't you queer! I am not that way, go to a neighborhood where that is common and accepted instead. You
know one where they don't have ordinances against child molesters living! Go to Iran and start asking around for a lover.”
If we let this go on for too long in society they will believe that they own you and will be pounding your door down to get in just like in the
story of Lot and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah from the Bible.
“YOU LIKE YOUR SON'S TO START THEIR DAY OFF in my bed with me??? It gives them courage and strength to get through the day doesn't it!”
“YOU LIKE YOUR SON'S TO START OFF THEIR DAY BEING IN BED WITH A MAN DON'T YOU! It gives them the confidence to be strong all day long doesn't
“Your from the degenerate South or New York aren't you?” What does York mean anyway?
When you go out in public during the day mutter this under your breath, “Look who's momma had him start off the day being in bed with me!”
It comes from the whore believing she is the equivalent of the men she sleeps with in every way; that is female wolf behavior isn't it! To not
want to believe you are a different sex.
"You like your boys to start their day off in my bed with me; it is your way of telling the world who the man is; isn't it!"
"America doesn't need to be raped like that; understand?"
"You like them to start their day off funnin me in my bed don't you beast!"
Believe me when they split your mind by you hearing voices they all get it just like those who sold out Jesus Christ,(Son of MAN) got the bars
of Silver. All the mongrel (mixed race; German etc.) children get it! This is where the rage filled German Aphorism cursed by a woman, "He
who has no children; raises many," comes from!
Remember this when constructing cognitive strategies to combat the mind of the beast, "It doesn't matter what how angry or mad you get at them
or what you say to them; they just laugh like a chimpanzee given nitric oxide." But sooner or later it does set in and then they are in big
big personal crisis trouble; so it is best to constantly reinforce the concepts!
"You want that to be your national religion don't you!"
They are life time sponges who have it worked out as a national Institution that they can say those they mentally disable are instead!
They can only learn by reflecting on and from the visual memories of them causing pain in those who can learn, which really means they don't
want to learn at all but instead prevent others from learning by hurting them when they do!" Now there is a new psychological construct, the
parent that hurts it's child in order to prevent it from learning and out of jealousy for that normal ability to learn! Some even put them in
choke holds and make them go unconscious out of jealousy for their human learning ability! Remember this the ability to learn is what defines
a normal human being! We are swaying to an entirely different construct today in the world!
To them wherever they go the world represents human accomplishments they know they will never be capable of; hence there is a great risk they
will decide to take us to or incite Nuclear War World End!
Wrote it and typed it and don't care if someone could use it in a matter out of context to make it self incriminating!
Starting to look like I am from the other side? No, I am just someone who wants to live in peace, freedom and liberty of those who do not believe it, respect it or are even capable to understand what our rights mean and why they are so important! Can you imagine someone that cannot learn; they also therefore cannot learn to respect the rights of others! Therefore they would be capable of horrific things without even knowing or believing they are committing them! Big difference between that (a miserable group of that) and a human being that wants to live their live in merry freedom in the absence (liberated) of such people! One is the basis of Civilization and the other the destruction of it.
Thomas Paul Murphy
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