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Thomas Paul Murphy

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


The voice of any drug user (cigarettes, alcohol, pot, heroin, meth, cocaine, etc,) should not be allowed to be broadcast over the airwaves (television or radio).

It creates a propagandized IMPRINTATION that promotes drug use and addiction among children.

It is in no small way IMPRINTING the minds of our country to be the same! (Escapism, self pity and helplessness!)

Nor should the vocal energy signature of a birth defective person be allowed to be broadcast!  As they were indeed created from the first and propagandize drug use because of it!

Having the voice of a drug user (as stated above) is the best form of subliminal advertising to drug use there has ever been!

Imprintation from one mind to another is indeed a valid scientific and proven construct in psychology!  It is how son's learn from their loving fathers. I am asserting that the broadcast voice of a drug user imprints the minds of children in that same way!  I am asserting the known fact that once a person tries a gateway drug such as alcohol or tobacco they are likely to progress to use other more dangerous drugs that are certain to ruin their lives to a point that is extremely hard to recover from.  Why?  Because stages of brain development were circumvented by the drug of escapism!

Children should never be allowed to be imprinted by the calmed voice of a drug user being broadcast over the television or radio!  Moreover that electromagnetic vocal signature should never be allowed to be broadcast over and through the general “Airwaves!”

Children should never be allowed to be imprinted with that “Anything goes,” “I'll try anything,” glib, subservient and weak willed voice of a drug user!  We should never be subjected to the reassuring, false confidence, persuasion, empty promises....of a drug user on broadcast airwaves!  Nor should any music by a drug user be allowed to broadcast over the electromagnetic airwaves for the exact same reason!  I believe this would indeed prevent teen suicide!

A typecast voice of a drug users being used to propagandize falsely granted (networked...tribalism) success should have never been allowed to be the standard in American Media today! 

How many United States Citizens have been killed by a drunk driver or by the violent acts of a drug user?  Far to many to allow the American public to be imprinted to use drugs by the voice of the same on television or radio!  That broadcasting person should be of the highest standard of fatherhood; because they are imprinting the minds of the American public!

I also believe that FDR's body should be exhumed checked for traces of opiates, as his family money came from the opiate trade with China and it was his calm and reassuring voices on radio fireside chats that helped get him elected to the office of President at the time; the question being was his voice calmed via the use of illegal narcotics at the time of those fireside speeches?  This also addresses the issue of those being prescribed narcotics or other drugs not being allowed to broadcast just because they have a legal prescription!

The construct can also be extended to crowds being served alcohol not being allowed to be broadcast on television or radio in the United States!  In other words an adult male drinking is not the image the son of a straight laced father who by their own strong will chose not to use drugs, should be subjected to or imprinted by (even if hidden in a crowd of the same!)

How many lives have been imprinted by their voice, initially hooked on gateway drugs and ruined!

You can falsely claim to be the adult figure who is highly compensated to be responsible for addressing the problem or you can take action to address the problem in meaningful ways like this petition does!

copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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