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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Green Bay Packers 16 versus Seattle Seahawks 36 09 04 2014

Green Bay Packers 16 versus Seattle Seahawks 36   09 04 2014

A. I never liked the catch the ball in the end zone and kneel-down rule.  You catch that ball in the end zone and you start running like white lightning!  Speed wins!

B. Observation of football size.  The smaller ball is harder to spiral.  Why?  Because with the larger ball you (that they used to use?) you had to extend your arm forward to create a spiral.  I see with the smaller ball the arm comes down immediately after release like a hatchet in order to make a spiral.  The smaller ball is used in order to protect the quarterbacks arm from injury?  What am I talking about?  The old cowhide ball I used to play with as a kid was a lot bigger than the official NFL ball I have today!

C. Why did the Camera man show us a picture of a confused sloth like fan sitting on the sideline?

D. Seattle running he ball was like a horse race.  Which tells you something, instead of the Packers getting in front of the running back to tackle they ended up chasing after him. What attitude does that remind me of that we have all had enough of, "That is somebody else's job to do and not mine!"

E. Flashback comparison to prior Green Bay Packers success.  Favre's bread and butter was the pretend hand-off and then to pass it to an open man down field.  I did not see that play executed one time!

F.  Off topic.  Left handed people are truly blessed.  It has to do with successfully adapting to something and the use of the analytical left side of the brain.  If you want to take years off of your life try writing with your left hand and then analyze the results!  You will laugh as you see that you are instantly transformed back to first grade!

G. When Rogers through that 55 yard pass mid second quarter it came out low and like a bullet!  I asked myself who the wide receivers are and why they aren't doing more of that!  The reason they are not is because either they don't have the speed and catching power or the team doesn't have castle wall offensive line!  We should know the names of the wide receivers better by this time in the game based on accomplishments in the game.  The way that I remember it was that the wide receiver would attempt to outrun the defense get wide in the open and have a pass descending to him!

H. Running back Lacey's legs have to start running faster sooner!  They need to make those hand offs at full speed!  And we really shouldn't think about there being an increased risk of a fumble occurring between the QB and the Running back because this is supposed to be Professional football and what they are paid for!

I. Clinton Dicks need to hold onto the ball in that interception!  There was no reason that he should not have had that ball.  Those defending the wide receivers should be able to play the position of wide receiver just as good as the wide receiver!  That is the best way to learn how to defend and also be aggressive in catching the ball in interceptions! And vice versa the wide receiver needs to know how the back is positioning himself so that he can better coordinate the passing game in practice.

J. Rogers needs to be more with it with scrambling away from the tacklers and then completing passes. We need to see better peripheral vision and awareness.

K. Adult men having temper tantrums on the sidelines is not a positive image of what it means to be a man for our children!  It is too bad this behavior is standard in what is considered the pinnacle of success!  That bad attitude trickles down to the grade schools and the kids don't even want to learn but instead be hopeful of playing a game all their life.

L.  Don't really like the way the commentators glamorize the players as if they are formidable and brave warriors!  They talk like they are intimately comparing the breeding capability of bulls.  We already know the truth about this from stories relayed to us from drill instructors in the military; these guys (top tier high school athletes, etc.) are the biggest crying sissies they have ever seen!

M. Midway into the third quarter Rogers looked like he knew he lost the game and wanted to go home already!

N. And the cameramen do not want to show us a wide picture of the receivers going long.  It's just odd! I really don't care to see the closeups of the players faces, I want to see the entire field of play! They aren't soldiers honored for bravery for saving lives; quite the contrary part of their pay comes from selling alcohol which is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere!

O. And enough of the greasy witches locks hanging off the back of the helmet and the lawyers who plead cases that they should not have cut the hair to above the back of the helmet!  What is it like, a requirement not being met; you deliver pizza's you have to have your own car.  They only reason they allow it is because the long hair creates more appeal to women viewers?  They find a better commonality to the game?  The woman say's to herself, that could be me out there with the long hair?  Enough of that!  It's called an electric clippers, I bought one 25 years ago and have never paid to have my hair cut since!

P. So the Seattle Seahawks won the game and we are told they are showing how they were Superbowl Champions.  You know what this game didn't have to go that way.  Green Bay and the players on the team need to learn that they have to play at a higher level, every game, and I believe they are capable of it?  Maybe and maybe not, maybe the reality is that they just are not!And to be honest I don't watch much sports on television because I believe the lowest paid grade school teacher should make more money than the highest paid sports player.  That should be the priority in the United States!  To me they can walk down that tunnel after the game and never be seen again; nations problems solved! What are they doing here I ask?  They serve as a distraction from financial fraud in our country and the business structure Corporations violating your rights!  You know what else I don't like?  I don't like that when we are typing in our home and take our eye off the screen the cursor jumps up two lines and starts typing in the middle of a sentence; no matter which computer we are typing on!  If that is how people get ahead in our media country today every television in the country belongs on the curb!  Forty million Americans on foodstamps; this spoiled breed that plays a game for a living can take their newt head children and live this country, they are not what we stand for!  And what a waste of energy and pollution created transporting professional teams all across the country.  What a waste!  You would think that I envy them but I don't!

Basically I don't need to hear all those voices in my head!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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  1. They will most likely attempt to prevent the other teams from preparing and practicing in order to win. That is the nature of the competitive spirit in Wisconsin.