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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Legalized pot laced with a chemical in order to facilitate and maintain a fungal (such as LSD) infection of the brain 09 06 2014

Legalized pot laced with a chemical in order to facilitate and maintain a fungal (such as LSD) infection of the brain to prevent the use of higher mind capability?

The did indeed lace cigarettes with addictive compounds to create more sales so the concept isn't too far off, is it?

If they (industry) was caught doing it they would claim that the fungal pathogen was naturally occurring like ergot and not their horrific fault!

It might have been laced in a lot of marijuana already! Nothing threatens them more than freedom! They have been at the bad Tea game for more than 2000 years! Witness the potato fungus transferred from New York to Ireland which created the great famine! I have tasted tea from India that appeared to be contaminated. Also I am going on the record and stating that many energy drink mixes and canned versions have chemicals in them that cause both addiction and fungal infection of the brain such as candida. (Where is the DA on that? I doubt they even have the core competence to establish charges for the more important matters! That and they would rub so many elbows the wrong way that they would no longer be DA.) If you have read your Bible you would know that was also what Jesus Christ accused the Pharisees of in great anger, “Beware the leaven (means yeast a fungus) of the Pharisees.”

Also what you are going to see with legalized marijuana are those who have overdosed with a death chemical laced into some of pot.

They want a future where they can tune in and listen to the minds of human at will in order to play God with their lives!

We are going to have to get ahead on this issue and declare this as a crime deserving of mandatory capital punishment (means death penalty) so that we are ready when it happens! (Same penalty should apply to pimps and child molesters.)

off topic:
The worst enemy of the white race is the white Caucasian race itself! And as the numbers of the white race continue to decline the one who are left are going to have a very tough time of it! You would not want to be a member of a very small minority of them because you would be blamed for all the worlds problems!

And who knows, today some people act as if there might have been a cross breed with a ceremonial temple monkey sometime back in Egypt, in order to infiltrate the transitional skin toned white race?

A distinction of that which isn't one of us would be: of all the things you could do with your life; what you enjoy most is something you should be executed for! I would be a crime to reward someone of that nature even once!

Why we have so much foreign labor producing goods for sale in the United States today? Corporate management that believes the Corporation to actually be a person making the decisions (isn't that spoiled cute) would rather disable the American worker than fairly manage them in accordance with the Constitution!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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