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Thomas Paul Murphy

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The legal profession should exclude those who bore children with birth defects consistent with mental retardation 09 06 2014

Nor do we want the psychotic personality to be in our legal system.  And I am talking about a parent who would believe that a childhood game such as soccer or baseball is the appropriate time to express rage at a referee!  We would be much better off if we removed and barred people like that from civil service!  I don't find that temper and misjudgment to be that of the standard of American men!

And we are really lacking in our criminal justice system when they have to rehire someone who already has proved they do not belong in the profession! 

We don't need the temperamental voice of a woman  posing in a males body adjudicating matters!  It is not our fault you were sired and raised by a German alcoholic.  And I do feel sorry for those young males who were imprinted by a 10% smaller brain sized female or a male who was imprinted by that female imprinting those sons!

You'll know who they are when you hear them talking of see them on television.  The gestalt you will hear on the nasally voice is, "That's mine!"

Thomas Paul Murphy

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