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Monday, October 20, 2014

How to prove Schizophrenia is Medical Fraud method number 7?

How to prove Schizophrenia is Medical Fraud method number 7?

Fill up the tube and take a bath.  While you are in the tube dip your ears just below the waterline.  If you get the waterline just right you can rest the back of your head on the bottom of the tube and breath easy. 

What you will notice is that the voices are diminished by a good 90%!  That means it is medical fraud!  Why?  Because it means the voices do not originate from your own mind in your own head!  If they did they would not diminish by 90% when you submersed your head in water like that!

It means it is medical fraud because the cause is not in your head and nor is it part of your own thinking.  It is a coven trying to splice themselves to your thinking; also known as inverse imprintation or technology facilitated demonic possession!

It works in fresh water lakes too!  But they have developed an underwater speaker/transducer to attempt to fool you to think it doesn't!

It might have to do with emf waves not traveling straight through water.

So perhaps the future gelled clothing will be invented?

It might not work for you if you live in an apartment or condo with any walls that adjoin other neighbors.

Because it works so well it also exorcizes that awful energy body from you while you are doing it, so it is good for you!  Don't put your nose or mouth under!

Incidentally Japan experimented on 12,000 Chinese people in conjunction with WWII!  The L-Tryptophan Conspiracy originated from Japanese L-Tryptophan.  They contaminated it!  That bathtub relaxes you in the same way that L-tryptophan does!  NADH is a vitamin B3 derivative that works as good as L-tryptophan if not better!

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