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Saturday, October 4, 2014

How to read to Children (and others) so that they LEARN 10 04 2014 subtitle learing, education, teaching

How to read to someone so that they learn 10 04 2014

As you read to your child be sure to visualize the concepts that you are reading about!  This way you are imparting your understanding of them to the listener. 

When you ask someone to read listen very carefully to them!  Does their entire vocal pattern change to that of resentment or immaturity?  As if reading was something they never should have had to do in life and reading aloud is an extension of that?  What you want to do as a listener in this case is to remind that person to read in the manner I recommend.  Why?  It exorcizes that beast who is with them from them and puts the beast back in the subordinate position of listening and learning mode!  Make sure that you read in your own tone of voice too, one that is consistent with your understanding.

The visualization and ability to conceptualize what they are reading is present in the tone of their voice!  Any normal child can easily tell who should not be sitting at the professors desk.

Blessed is the one who reads aloud!  Is a quote from the Bible!  For it teaches those who will never be able to learn how to speak first?  Those with Wilson's Syndrome.  And if you teach them how to speak at least they will value you and your normal human being life for that reason alone!  You were able to at least impart that sense of humanity to the beast!

But by all means read aloud whether you have the ability to understand the depths of the concepts you are reading at all!  Why?  At least it allows the rest of us to understand you better and whether we can trust you to make important decisions!

You can only imprint another persons mind with understanding and therefore knowledge if you possess it yourself.  So when you read convey that knowledge by visualizing it!  What you are going to find out is it is much easier for people to understand what you are saying!  And that means they are learning from you and not just potatoes in a field.

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