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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jesus Christ defines Psychiatry is Anti-Semitism 10 19 2014

Jesus Christ defines Psychiatry is Anti-Semitism 10 19 2014

"Everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but the one who blasphemes against the holy Spirit will not be forgiven."  Luke 12:10

Jesus is making a comparison between himself and the holy spirit that is equating the holy spirit to himself in a sense.  Those of us who hear voices are indeed hearing them by those who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit.  Semitism has the root word semen in it, therefore it is the basis of the Semite belief system!  Jesus, a Jew, is saying you might not like me and can say whatever you want about me, but when my holy human being spirit descends upon you that is life, that is human reality, it is not my fault if you were not educated or taught to learn and are therefore subject to recurrent descentions of my or other Holy Spirits.  Psychiatry seeks to stall the Holy Spirit of a man, a Prophet if you will, so that those who are of the defective mindset are not subjected to recurrent imprintation.  Jesus is saying you can hate me for my great intelligence, moral character and philosophies as a teacher.  A Rabi WAS indeed the word for teacher, and Jesus was one!   In effect it is a way of saying you can hate me but not human learning or teachings!  Jesus is saying that once it leaves him it isn't him anymore; it is the Holy Spirit!  And nothing in the entire history of the Human Race could ever prove more true than that!  Jesus is saying if you are that way and hate the Holy Spirit you will not be forgiven.  Now if those voices taunt you and you become stronger and therefore your Holy Spirit becomes stronger, such to the point that when it is naturally released it causes the mentally defective to seize up and die, that is not your fault!

Now here is the worst thing ever,  what happens when your Holy Spirit is adulterated by drugs such as psychiatric and then it is released?  That might indeed be the cause of autism?  But what caused that, the psychiatrists that drugged that Holy Spirit and also the coven participants you made you hear voices in your head so that he had exhaustion and needed to use their psychiatric drugs.  So she has that mentally retarded child because she indoctrinated humans with drugs that limited their mental capacity or leveled it down to the equivalent of a mental retard; she ought to be crying a river.  We might reach a point in human history whereby very few of us have a legitimate holy spirit to seed the human race with, when that happens will it again come to a choice being made whether a Nuevo Abraham is asked by God to sacrifice a mentally defective son and this time he complies?

Anti Semitism as well as psychiatry can also be thought of as hatred of man (semen = from man=Semite.)

You curse someone because they have no soul and therefore they act like a criminal animal does not mean that you don't still have a Holy Spirit; however when you are cursed for your ability to think for yourself that is an abomination of the Holy Spirit and the Human Race!

There are 313 entries in this Bible search of the Holy Spirit.  It would make for an interesting study.  In it you might see that Jesus's Holy spirit might have been made corrupt through alcohol and he admitted so?,eng-ASV,eng-CEV,eng-CEVD,eng-ESV,eng-GNTD,eng-KJVA,eng-MSG,eng-NABRE,eng-NASB,eng-NIV,eng-NLT,eng-NRSV,eng-RSV,eng-ENGRV,eng-WEB,eng-WEBBE,eng-WMBBE/all

Do females have a Holy Spirit?  The best evidence of this is the pain and mental anguish they go through during her menses.  In order to preserve the Holy Spirit a woman should never drink alcohol or any other substances that cause birth defects; in a word KOSHER!  I have never had the Holy Spirit of a woman descend upon me, however I have heard the voices of women (undergoing menses) in my head?  Attempting to demonically possess?  Perhaps the greatest form of population growth control would be to diagnose those who are of mental defects that make them sub human race and therefore anti Holy Spirit, anti Man and anti Holy Spirit?  Does the child listen with respect to its parents and the teacher?  Can it even listen?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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