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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lower Back and hip pain remedy 10 25 2014

Lower Back and hip pain remedy 10 25 2014

I am telling you what works very well for me.  It might not work for you!  And sometimes when I think about it I am surprised that it worked so well for me.

But if you have lower back and hip pain as I do what helps me is to run up a steep hill!!!!  For some reason that activates the muscles that are compressed from sitting or makes them more uniform from hips to lower back and increases that oneness metabolism?  Perhaps it breaks down Uric acid crystals that form there and are hard to go away (like gout in the toe is?)  Do uric acid crystals or gout lead to a heart attack from a dislodged blood clot?  And perhaps the greater question draws an analogy to snow flakes not being able to form without dust in the air, that is what they taught us in Catholic School.  That teacher read Smithsonian and Scientific American, I believe per my memory.  But the question then becomes can uric acid only crystallize in the presence of bacteria in the body such as H. pylori or other intestinal bacteria that have colonized parts of the body?

Anyway, it helps to run a little bit or exercise a little bit before you run up the hill!  Stretching is very good!  Don't ever be ashamed to stretch in public before exercise.  To do otherwise means you lack human conscience or reason?  When I see a person stretching it looks like the beauty of the human art form to me.

And maybe the symbolism of why it works is it your way of informing the God who created your body that you are not done in life; you have hills of despots to conquer?

As always consult the person who pays insurance on the advice he gives before you start a medical treatment, program or exercise (exorcise? Homonym disambiguation?)  Wait a minute you pay his insurance on that matter for him don't you; it comes out of the fee you pay the Doctor.  You know out of the fee Obama (Barry = Barrack) mandated we all have to pay.

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