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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Maybe only 2% of the United States population has Reading Comprehension today 10 14 2014

Maybe only 2% of the United States population has Reading Comprehension today 10 14 2014

That figure comes straight from my personal observation!

The Word Rabbi means teacher!  It is defined to be so in parenthesis in the Saint Joseph Edition of the New American Bible Gospel of LUKE.

Those voices in your head are indeed learning from you!  You teach them when indeed no one else could and there was no other way for them to learn.  When someone learns from you, you have taught them.

When they can only learn from your mind it makes you a teacher and also the Jewish word for it Rabbi!  When American media is controlled by Jews it also means you are a Rabbi even if you are not of the Jewish Religion.

A Rabbi was the teacher of the ancient tribal form of Governments.  Perhaps they were the first teachers in the world?  If both of your parents were public school teachers and our country is controlled by Jews it means you are the child of two Rabbis?

I am for making teachers the highest paid salaries (and income for that matter) in the Country!  Also anyone who hears voices is also a teacher and should receive that exact same salary!  Someone who hears voices is a teacher of those who cannot learn in any other manner than Inverse Imprintation.  So in effect we should be compensated just as a teacher is!  And if it bankrupts the country then the solution is to eliminate those who can not learn in any other manner other than cannibalization of the human mind.

If you listen to people speaking on television you quickly realize they never learned anything!  What is that indicative of?  They have zero human Reading Comprehension!  How many skills become lost arts when people can't read in order to follow directions?  Most skills do!  And we end up watching people play childhood games on television for the highest compensations in the world!

So the question to ask all of you of my schizophrenic race is, before you started to hear voices did you have any trouble whatsoever comprehending and learning by reading?  I bet that you didn't!  If you did it was only based on a negative expectations comparison!

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