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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Prostate Health and Mental Affliction 10 25 2014

Prostate Health and Mental Affliction 10 25 2014

The past two day's I have been taking a Saw Palmetto Extract pill. I can tell you that it feels like I have instantly added 25 years back to my life!

Because of that factor I have to state that Prostate health plays and important part in alleviating the symptoms of mental affliction. Because I feel healthier I am healthier of body it helps me feel healthier of mind too! When your body feels sick and you have a lot of pain it can contribute to mental stupor and make mental afflictions worse.

The prostate might be said to influence male emotions.

What is bad for the prostate? I believe I read that alcohol causes prostate cancer. If it causes the cancer then it also can cause a dimming of mental health related to its effect on the prostate. I also remember that salt and anything smoked or smoke is bad for the prostate. Incidentally many young people develop the symptoms of hearing voices at about the same time they start drinking. I believe that alcohol plain and simple is a poison that should never be consumed.

What might be signs of a prostate problem? I have had prostititis (inflammation of the prostate) so I can tell you what mine were from personal experience. Intense pain and difficulty going to the bathroom. And from recent experience it would seem to make one feel a lot older than they really are! Burning pain! I literally believe that you can reverse your internal aging factor that quickly by taking Saw Palmetto. Which really means those signs of aging tests that they give you to tell you how old your body really is based on how you feel don't really mean it isn't completely and instantly reversible.

There are two or three other things that  have been going good for my health.
  1. The percussive sound of the voices has lessened.
  2. I have been using a bungee cord boxing simulator that attaches to my upper body that I bought in the clearance section of the big box store, it was missing the gloves with the attachment rings on them so I made some. This device seems to align my upper back too and press my shoulders back. Your lungs extend way up into the shoulder area so this helps with vitality.
  3. I have also been stretching on the beach type gym ball.
  4. I have been forcing myself to guzzle water! And it is helping too! Why? Because saturating your body tissue in water helps to remove metabolites quicker. A lot of foods contain too much salt. Chips seem to be the worse; so force yourself to guzzle clean filtered water. I have a big rootbeer type glass mug that I bought at the Big Box store about 23 years ago! I have never broken it! I don't know exactly how much it holds but I will say 20 ounces. I avoid soda at all costs. I don't believe it should be on restaurant menus! I have actually created a petition that High Fructose corn syrup should be banned in foods. Now that is in no way a radical idea! A lot of these things are things responsible adults should have put forth a long time ago!
  5. I have also been applying coconut milk in my hair. It gives the scalp a cooling effect! And that helps diminish the voices. I was saw on television the guy who made sunscreen tell that one of the ingredients he used was coconut milk. For those of you who are not familiar with it at the grocery store a can of it only runs about $1.50. And that cooling of your scalp and also the sunblock (radiation shield) seems to help diminish the voices too!
  6. I have also been running the hill and it seems to reset my lower back and hips. You only come to learn these things if you have the when the going gets tough the tough get going philosophy!
  7. Also the voices always seem to subside in the two weeks right before my birthday.  Perhaps it is like a religious holiday for those who are cursing me?  I am not afraid to say it is being cursed!  I don't have any delusion that it isn't!

    But everyman should take a look at what are recommended for a healthy prostate. Per my memory zinc, selenium, Pygeum, Uva Ursi and Quercetin are good for a prostate. A product called, per my memory, ProstaOne was a life saver to me once when antibiotics did not cure the pain. And in reality it seems like you can go to a doctor and get an antibiotic but the problem is never completely cured.
The conclusion is that if something makes you feel younger your mental health has also greatly improved! Let's see; that is the type of correlation that psychiatry never really has the aptitude to address!

The Saw Palmetto seems to have a relaxing effect. So if you are having a flare up of symptoms you might try some. It seems like every time I treat an element of pain in my body and the pain goes away the voices also diminish.

What inspired me to write this article was the memory of how once while in high school I urinated bright green puss.

You could go to a Doctor today and tell him you have pain in your prostate and they won't even check to see if it is enlarged.  Not that I ever wanted it checked but once you realize that it being enlarged is detracting from your vitality by many years it is a different story.

One more point as a kidney stone works its way through the prostate that is often a source of prostatitis too.  I have passed kidney stones too!  And when they pass it is also like you feel 25 years younger!  No lie! No lie!
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