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Thursday, October 9, 2014

To not heal on the Sabbath meant 10 09 2014

To not heal on the Sabbath meant 10 09 2014

No fraudulent people who really weren't blind standing up and saying "I am cured!"

No collection of funds on the Sabbath for that reason?

The funds collected on the Sunday must not be thought of as coming in relation to healing!!!!

There needed to be a dislocation between healing and collecting money from it?

A Rabbi named Matthias is said to be able to cure demonic possession?  Were members of his tribe really causing it?

When one demon lost a battle to you it would find 7 demons to help it?  How does one demon spirit find 7 other demon spirits if it is not really a metaphor for bad or mentally defective people?

And these are references from the Bible.

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