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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and American Veterans You should have NONE 11 22 2014

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and American Veterans You should have NONE 11 22 2014

 So you saw the suffering of the local people and that made you sad?  Haven't you ever been shopping at the grocery store to see a black woman put on a big show by using a pussy willow to whip her child in public?  You don't get it yet do you?  They are inverse imprinting their children from your saddened emotions!  And the same thing is likely the case with a woman in a mud hut in Vietnam!

That concept was also a scene in a Western where a woman with a baby runs into her home when the protagonist comes to town.  The protagonist has his hand broken so that those who are satanic minded can learn a skill set from him in their minds eye (the gay man laying on his back with the high pitched laugh) as he attempts to recuperate?  If you don't know the movie I am talking about too bad.

 Just look at the way that they tortured Americans!  Get it yet?  It is designed to separate you mind from your body!  They torture in order to creed that memory in your mind!  Why?  Because they connect with it because they cannot form their own human mind because of a defective hippo campus!  In effect they are sharing your self attained knowledge against your will!

They want those negative emotions to stay with you and resurface from time to time because it forms the missing link to humanity and the human mind for them!  It is the same reason the mentally defective son of a socialite drinker is a bully!  Their brains are not capable of reason and conscience because everything they learn and know is based on the negative emotions toward them (incited).  That is why it is illegal for a United State President to create civil unrest!  It means that President is mentally defective and should have never been elected!  Barrack Obama, Ronald Reagan, Both Bush's, and Bill Clinton all created civil unrest while in office!  Ronald Reagan did it right away by circumventing the sitting Presidents authority and giving arms in exchange for Iran hostages immediately before it was time to vote in the Presidential election between Carter and Reagan.  Barrack did it when he brought up gun control as well as Reagan did too and Bush!  All Gun Control is unconstitutional!  You either give that person who has served prison time their gun back upon being paroled or they should be executed for the crime that they committed in order to protect the Constitution!  That is the Standard of the United States and it is much higher than that of many foreign immigrants that come here!  Bush did it when he advocated torture.  The Republican Tea Party constantly does it when they advocate smaller Government, end to entitlements and welfare!  What people like Scott Walker who received over 10 million dollars in campaign contributions don't seem to realize is that they are the biggest beneficiaries of Government Welfare that there has ever been!  If people can contribute 10 million Washington Dollars it really means that they are not paying enough in taxes.  And the Pope is the only one who got this issue correct!  Scott Walker or any candidate should not be entitled to receive that money!  Here we have the persons who had every single thing just flat out given to them and they want to starve the poor and make them homeless!  And again what about the classless hard alcohol drinking blowhard of both blue collar and nonworking class?  If he did not have the entitlement of limited liability he would be penniless!  So again those who eschew entitlements are the greatest beneficiaries and MOOCHERS the country has ever known! Through that limited liability entitlement and the tax evasion of Corporate America which is also a form of Government Dependency that blue collar man makes all his money! You end those entitlements and he is penniless? You ever had a home contractor do work for you? Have they ever once cleaned up the mess that they made to the level of your home before they came into it? NEVER! So go ahead bring up the issue of Government Dependency and Entitlements! Bring it up! I dare you! It is like my mother said to my sister, you can mess around with him, he won't hurt you at all, he won't do anything bad to you at all, but you aren't going to like it! You aren't going to like it!

 So the veteran saw things done by the mentally defective either on the American side or the enemy side and that caused you stress?  They were mentally defective and should not have been in the ranks of either army!

And a black man on the radio declared that it would be impracticable to remove all the illegal immigrants! They all have homes don't they! The Tea Party Mortgage fraud bore no impact on them whatsoever! They live what 20 per home? And those same dirty fingers are cooking your food in restaurants and “cleaning” the dishes? While how many Brave Proud American Veterans are Homeless because of the British Tea Party Mortgage Fraud? Oh and there is old Anglicized surname Walker again! Walker is the Indian name for Skin Walker; essentially a zombie that demonically possesses the lives of men! Go down to the Casino and watch white America hooked on drugs feeding luxury items of the native American who can neither read or right and acts like he has permanent constipation which is really fetal alcohol syndrome! The Reverand Al Sharpton and Joseph Lieberman both talk in that same manner, as if they have permanent Constipation! Drink water not alcohol! But what has the British Republican Tea Party done to United States water it is so polluted that if you went swimming in lake Michigan there are chemicals in there that can give you a heart attack! Again because of the limited liability Corporate entitlement or form of Government dependency!!!!! Believe it!

Now you join a Conservation Club or a Fishing Club and what do not one single one of these “drinking men” get? If you can't eat fish because they are full of mercury and pcps that would cause you reproductive harm, if you can't eat them because the levels just keep getting higher and higher in the fish; how long before that fish can no longer reproduce itself? Not one of our dead head political leaders has figured that one out yet! Sure Scott will shake hands with the Utility man and then grant them a legislative favor and then we see how happy Scott is on television because he has made so many new friends that like him! Government isn't supposed to be like that! Government is supposed to be about men and not whatever that “Walker” or “Abele” is!

So the black man with a radio job talks the good liberal talk. The tail end of his words sounds like a mentally defective spoiled baby but you don't notice it. And then he say's that pot should be legalized! And then he says that it would be impracticable to remove illegal immigrants. Here is something he never ever considered! A bounty of $5000 per head! Only non drug users can participate in the bounty hunt! So proud brave homeless white American Veterans victimized by the British Republican Tea Party versus a bounty for the illegal immigrants who are paid under the table in cash to mow the lawns of the Tea Party mansions! I will stand with the non drug using veterans! We can send those brave illegal highly educated illegal immigrants back to Mexico with a copy of the United States Constitution and tell them to put their brave IVY League degree skills to good use in Mexico! It is a joke isn't it!

If we ever get a man with a mans heart in an election race and the opponent personally insults him as being female emotion'ed all that man on the defense has to say is, I am not emotional at all, I would have no problem “euthenizing” (it isn't a word because that Ivy league Dictionary content manager knows the connotation it could lead to and why, it is also why the burnt the Irish books that debunked them!) the mentally defective!

You don't want to know what the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder really is,it is a lesser race among us directly dependent and connected to your human mind like a parasite, bringing you down with negative imagery every time you feel good about yourself!

Declare a veteran mentally defective and take away his gun? Heck no! We have a drug, pimp (like civil war slavery) child sexual victimization problem that needs to be addressed in the United States as well as banking and ponzi gypsy distribution of money financial fraud that needs to be directly and accurately addressed!

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014

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