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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Black Preacher 11 19 2014

The Black Preacher 11 19 2014

1. They pause
2. Their iambic pentameter changes
3. The pitch of their voice then changes
4. They then have figured out a way to manipulate something that they are going to say towards some untold goal of convincing.  It is like a wolf just figured out a way into the little pigs home? It is as if you can hear a wolves jaws salivating!  And what do they say, I want people with problems to join the clergy?  That bothers me!  It creates a flawed clergy that is willing to do anything because of it doesn't it!  If you were only hired because you were a problem person you have indeed been hired as part of organized crime haven't you?  A person with problems will do what it takes to keep that job!

So they translated spoiled and manipulative childhood behavior into a preaching career, why should I care?  Very simply religions are playing a front in the making of human beings whose minds are being demonized and split.

And here is the key to it!  The preacher stated that the Church has defined hell as being, "eternal conscious torment!"  That is indeed what everyone labeled schizophrenic also claims that they suffer from and it is medical fraud!

Here is what Jesus Christ say's about masturbation, "Do not throw pearls before hogs."  It is cryptic but if you live as long as I have, and are dunned for your human mind with voices, you figure it out right away!

And one more point about Jesus that should give those who suffer from hearing voices hope, paraphrased,  Do not fear me, fear HIM who can destroy both the body and the mind and can you into hell!"  Jesus is saying that there is one much powerful than him!


Another good quote that I heard on Bible radio was, "Great relationships happen when I view you as more important than me!"

And the radio also gives one quote about the true nature of Jewish living in Egypt?  It says that after the Jews were freed from Egypt they murmured their way throughout the land.  "Murmured?"  What is the connotation?  The connotation is that they didn't want to leave or be freed!  For had they truly been happy upon leaving they would not have murmured but rejoiced.  This leads me to the next question, Moses parted the red sea.  We learn that the true word for what he parted a was swamp.  It therefore reads to me that they were driven into the swamp? That Moses parted the Red Sea would mean that, well if you have ever been hunting and ventured through a swamp you part the cabalas.  The fact that it is a red sea means they were being killed in there, red a metaphor for blood?

Here is another quote from the Bible by God, "To the one who overcomes I will give a white stone on you with your name on it."  It means they are going to stone you to death if you do well or bury you under a white gravestone if you do well? The real God would never say that!  A real God would want you to achieve and then live in happiness!  So that is more the spiteful words of a person with a female mind who can't think for themselves that is jealous of a real AMERICAN!

And then they talked about how the church changed in about 500 ad to accept money for sins.  This fact is obfuscated in religious history.  It is much the same as Baal's ruler ship?  And I did indeed state that Baal really had to be 6ool or 6od or God scribed into his forehead as the mark of the beast two horns with a small zero between them!  Marked by a Rabbi or teacher as someone with the mind of the beast.  Now the Jewish moral to be learned here is that the Rabbi should have killed the mentally defective persons that couldn't learn rather than give them the scribe on the forehead as Golems?  Because that Baal or 6od came back to haunt and enslave them; if that is true.

Perhaps the Jews were really freed or driven into the swamp or whatever it was when they admitted that one had the same dream as the Egyptian leader?  When one admitted he was of the same mind as the leader?  Will they ever publicly come forward and state that they are of the same mind as someone who hears voices, their voices whatever religion they are of today, and is labeled mentally ill from it!  I think what we have been dealing with for over 2000 years is really a race of people who was mentally defective as in fetal alcohol syndrome mental retardation whereby they adapted to it with strong verbal ability as in Wilsons Syndrome and that verbal ability comes from intruding into the mind of a real human being and making them hear voices!  Now that was a long breath!

But there were changes back in the 1960's in the church.  I believe it had to do with the peace sign and the shaking of hands in the sign of peace.  That was a Polish Pope? What was this really a prelude to?  A bad person acting like they want to shake someone's hand and instead making a Yankee out of them?  Those Yankees won the revolutionary war against a unified church and state of England didn't they, a long time before that!

Another good passage to remember is that god gives grace to the humble and brings down the arrogant.

Barrack Obama did indeed work for a district of 7 Catholic Churches in Chicago, or prior Catholic Churches.  Believe me when I tell you that Barrack Obama knows that Schizophrenia is medical fraud and so does Vladimir Putin! So when you put those two ideas together along with the saber rattling of Russia, it really means they going to attempt to bring communist control to the United States.  And if you are a mentally defective person as 43.5 million Americans who have dyslexia are in my pov it is something you initially believe you would be very happy about!  So that is 43.5 out of 308 million of us who might indeed turn on us right out of the box!

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