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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Adolph Hitler also tried to ban the production of the Assault Rifle 12 19 2012

Adolph Hitler also tried to ban the production of the Assault Rifle 12 19 2012

The likely reason for this was that it used up or wasted too many bullets!

The rifles that are legally sold in the United States today are not assault rifles because they are not fully automatic.  They have to be gunsmithed by the owner or otherwise to make them that, and that is a felony.

If Jews had these in their homes when the Nazi's came to the front door would it have been a different War?  Or do Jews believe in non-violence and would not have protected themselves?  Israel has a military and protects itself so Jews could have had these too to protect themselves.

But the point is when they come to your front door how do you know what their final bad intention was with regard to you?  And if indeed the block leader is on the wrong side for some orchestrated loot reason and you trusted them? 

Bottom line, Our Constitution used to protect us against illegal search and siezure.  Now under the guise of Homeland Security something entirely different is occuring.

Which brings me to the next interesting point that needs to be studied.  And that is the list of criminal families that Lincolns Investigator friend researched.  It was lost in a fire.  The question being are those the same family names that were in the Eugenics movement?  Who are they?  Something bad lurks in this issue today, something very bad.  I have a feeling the names are German sounding without religous bias.  Might be some Italian ones and Spanish ones too, maybe Irish and so on.  But the core I believe to be German.

I think Jews should have these.  And also some kind of special woman just for me.

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