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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Comment on: How to Spot a Liar 12 27 2012

This is why the Satanic Roman empire used the Herb Bella Dona to dilate their pupils!  The women lured the intelligent men in and they ended up becoming castrati servants.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were said to be paired companions of each other.  In our modern times that means homosexuals.  I am going to take back some negative things I said about Homosexuals, or rather balance the issue with the Statement: If they were made Castrati by Roman Barbarians and no woman would have them because of that- what else are they supposed to be???  Based on that reason and only that reason in the justification, those types should be allowed to marry.

Another interesting thing is that Rome was said to be concurred by Barbarians.  Who are you trying to kid with that history statement- the Romans were the most Barbarian Society History has ever known.  So if Rome was concurred by Barbarians, some of those Barbarians had to have been those that broke away from being Roman Barbarians???

And with regard to what Jews believe in, they did not believe in Jesus Christ when he came out against the Romans because to quote the Gospel of Nicodemus the Jews said this about them, "He knows what we do."  It means you do something bad!  The Jews made a savior of their own and indeed titled that person a Savior some hundreds of Years after the death of Jesus Christ.  They staged a Rebellion against Rome led by that Savior or God and Lost.  The Roman leaders believed themselves to be Gods and worshipped because of it.  They did not become Gods by doing good deeds they became tyrannical dictators by lighting Christians on fire in their Gardens and tying bloody animal hides to them and having wild dogs chase and eat them.  When I see that Jewish Candle I wonder does it mean that you light Jesus Christ on fire as the center candle and the side candles are the apostles or does it mean that we should worship the Son's of Light!  Now the Son's of light were good people.  Our country would seem to be off balanced towards the dark side today.

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