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Thursday, December 13, 2012

He will have his own church 12 13 2012

He will have his own church 12 13 2012
We know who fixes his eyes on the children of the truly good when they come into church.  He looks like a blood lustful dragon doesn’t he?
Last night I had a dream.  I was working at a gas station.  And old narrow version of a German Beatle type car came in.  It was rusted and needed coolant.  Coolant was $1.99 a quart.  I remember from the dream that I confirmed it with a coworker named Steve, who quickly faded off into the distance.
I started to drive off in the car and it had no brakes.  I had to stop it with me feet.  The street that it was on was located indoors.  Like a whole city that was shielded from the sky and located under a glass ceiling like one might find at an enclosed shopping mall.  I became hungry as I worked and broke some pieces of cheese and put them on a piece of bread and put them in the toaster oven.  (There was some ham that I sprinkled on them too.)
When I became busy I emptied my pockets so that I could walk faster.  In a beaker shaped glass jar half full of water I put some coins.  One of them was a bus token from a different city.  It was not Chicago so it must have been New York I presumed.  The owner walked over to the glass jar as I was walking away and took the bus token out of it and kept it.  There was something of mine that they found too, I do not say what it was but it was not drugs.
There was an angled wooden plank that rose up on the floor so that someone could look through a window and out at the mall or street as it were.
I awoke from this dream to the odd sound of a beast somewhere outside.  And as I laid there in bed my butt started to hurt.  It was as if some beast had imagined transferring the implied pain of sodomy to me or the beast imagined such.

As I woke from this dream I wondered about it.  Why would I still be dreaming of things like that from my history.  I am always forward thinking and looking to the future.
Maybe we are all of one mind I ponder as I think about the dream and the real life characters in it who would not do well in schooling.
Then I have to ask myself the question about what I have labeled the Satanic race; do they think of variations of what they saw me do in prior dreams?  Do they think of variations of what they saw me do via what somehow came into their minds eye and thoughts?  In my Novel the Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper I call this “Makers Seed,”  In the book of Mormon there is also quite a bit of reference to the same seed. 
So the question then becomes are there those who think with me as I dream?  Is it their way of holding on?  Is it their way of holding on to what they believe they cannot be?
The answer that I have to that is that, If you can dream all that there is no difference between you and me.  You have had the same potential as me all along.  Somehow you were derailed though, likely a family tradition.
As I further thought about the concept I was heart warmed by it.
But you should have your own memories and not have to stay connected to someone else.
Not only that drugs defeat your memory in learning process worse than anything else.  You escape the pain of learning with them.
So what would my countermeasure to this be?  Maybe I could imagine myself working alongside you again?  Maybe in a job that you do or a daily activity you do like washing dishes?
The conquest didn’t work and you still need hosts such as me!  ( I am not so far fetched with the hosts concept it is right there in the Bible!  You should read what the one who claims himself to be the God of Hosts says in condemnation of Israel!)
If you can think all that your mind is as good as it needs to be!  So maybe your problem is a result of trauma in development?  Or maybe it is alcohol based as is implied in the BIBLE! 
Maybe you just liked working alongside of me in your minds eye?  I can’t blame you.  I like creating too!
But you can’t expect to live in your dream world that is my soul!  You can’t expect to live in a dream world that is another’s soul!
Get a plank or two of wood and start making simple things from it at first.  After awhile do not think of yourself as me but as you and dream your own dreams.
Yes if you want to stand back and get analytical about this I am indeed stating that I believe the Satanic are with us in our dreams.  I have already stated ad infinim that I believe in myself and not you or how you would falsely define others for blood money!  (If you are a woman get out some clothe and become a Woman of the Clothe.  Try that!  If you can overcome the frustration of wanting to cry because at first try you realize your hands are useless.
Your disabling of America in this way, by staying attached to their souls, has created the greats health care cost to a nation.  Not only that 46 million Americans are on food stamps.  Are you trying to tell me that you let 46 million Americans fall through the cracks of our education system and they are not employable.  No-one is ever asking why 46 million Americans are unemployable.  No one dares point the finger at alcohol, cigarettes and drugs do they!  (There is another point I was about to make right here the devil didn’t want you to know.)
You earn money is a sustainable society when you do in a way that sustains the society.  If you do not sustain the society when you make money you did not earn any money!  It is called empirical evidence!  And it is the best in your face reality you will ever know.
You must be your own selves from conception to old age!
I know that all of this is true and you specifically know I do!
Do you believe that I do not deserve a wife and children and a normal life?
You might start the process by remembering everything you did during the day before you go to sleep.  By remembering where you walked in your house and what you ate and what you did outside.  There is some blockage from you being you!
You are not men!  The male human being does not need a slave of any form!
He will have his own church and his commitment to celibacy.
So you gave up your manhood.  If you do not seek woman are you not a man?  Why give up your manhood?  Because you are an instrument of the Devil!  You capitulated in being that; I have not and will not be!  The devil behind the devil has neither a penis nor testicles in addition to not having a human soul.  The devil is plural- we know that from deductive logic in the Bible.  And because it is a feminine form it seeked to make celibate priests just as the Romans seeked to create Castrati and Unics!  For the weak minded devil woman they spoiled rotten.  The offspring of the devil are of the same effeminate mind.  The devil is a being that see’s what it can never be, and is insanely jealous!
Men don’t do this and would never conform to this behavior.  And if you look around at our country today you will see without a doubt all of the decisions have not been made by the true minds of males.
The nuclear missiles of the world have the destructive power to make the earth a lifeless world for well more than 20,000 years.  (Chernobyl and the vast square footage around it is uninhabitable for over 20,000 years.   Sure you say that nuclear missiles don’t have that payload.  You imbecilic moron they do if nuclear power plants are targeted with them.  And if there is no longer life on earth there may not be life anywhere!  You might indeed be on the cusp of destroying all life everywhere for good!  And no one in world power today has taken responsibility with regard to the safety of humanity!  You have created economic wars in an effort to prevent the need for your class to work.  And your class is indeed one that does not have its own soul.
It is stated in the end times that the Devil will have his own church.  THEREFORE, IF THE DEVIL DOES NOT HAVE HIS OWN CHURCH THERE CAN BE NO END TIMES!  You know what you have to do!  If you are a devil and you know if you are; you must abandon the church.  At some time the archetype of Jesus Christ is done with all the churches of the world.  Why?  Because he has found, as the Bible states, that the Devil is at the helm of every church.
IF YOU ARE THE DEVIL AND YOU KNOW IF YOU ARE YOU MUST ABANDON THE CHURCH IN ORDER TO AVERT THE END TIMES!  There can be no end times if the Devil does not have his own church!
You have empowered the idiot class; not only that you cannot tell there is a difference so you deny there is a difference.  Denying there is a difference is the plight of the ignorant, the blissfully spoiled and the traumatically blocked!  Not only that empirical evidence confirms that the wealthy did not earn any of their wealth.
The Sodomite who works for the church?  We know who fixes his eyes on the children of the truly good when they come into church.  He looks like a blood lustful dragon doesn’t he!
You will stand before all the public and tell the crime you have been committing or you will be destroyed!  If you are the Devil you must abandon your church in order to avert the end times.  Just think of it as being the same way you as captains abandon your ship before everyone else is safely off, only in this instance you have time to abandon your captainship of the church before the end times and in order to avert the end times.  It could indeed very well be this December 21st 2012.  The Mayans were indeed of the same type of satanic and sacrificial religion as the Catholic Church has proven itself to be.  Being a celibate priest also meant that you did not conceive of evil or pave the way to hell by professing false righteous intentions.  You know what you have done.
Okay that is about as good as it gets in terms of my end of the world prophecy hell fire speech.  I thought that it was quite comparable to what the God of Hosts said in the Bible.  Hosts?  It don’t mean someone that hears voices and is sticking up for those who also do does it?  No connotation with regard to a multitude of bad shepherds having their own churches?

 The modern archetype of Jesus Christ will always be this to the Satanic:  You will beat him but at the same time you will wish you never fought with him!  The devil on the other hand does not change but changes you; it is an oblique reference to sodomy and the devil.  That is a bit of a falsehood; because the Devil often does destroy himself upon epiphany.

If there was not the voice of the Devil in my head I would not have written any of this.  I would have written nice stories involving nature, beauty and wonderment.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS Note to future good generations; anyone who preaches knowledge from the Bible without telling of the nature of the devil contained in it is a Devil!

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