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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Joseph Lieberman and Homeland Security 12 12 2012

Joseph Lieberman and Homeland Security 12 12 2012

Yesterday on television Joseph Lieberman told how he helped start Homeland Security.

What has happened since the advent of Homeland Security?  The defacto legalization of a narcotic in two states?

It seems to have the exact effect as it was supposed to have doesn't it?  That is not something to be proud of.

I have heard stories of kids who started smoking cigarettes and then pot and then their grads go from A to F.  Then they use other drugs and it is a life ruined.

Our Lord in the Bible Jesus Christ, a Jew, told us of the nature of Satan.  We are told it has no soul and can read men's minds.  Joseph Lieberman does not believe in our Lord he is of a different religion.

I have to ask myself why the Hebrews changed their name from Hee-Brew to Jewish (which means blessed one.)

When I hear the word He-Brew I cannot help to think that it had to have been slang for a child born with fetal alcohol syndrome.  I can think of other children pointing at the child and laughing and calling it a He-brew.  And hence the change from the word He-Brew to the Italian word- Jewish meaning blessed one.  That would be more politically correct and a term with heart.  I can see it already the wealthy San Hadron that sold out Israel to the Romans asking what should be said about their sons and daughters with the sleeping face and doping eyes of minute fetal alcohol syndrome.  And the Romans telling them that they are blessed ones.   Rome indeed being a wine growing region.  You see that our modern war in the middle east is fought over oil- an economic war.  Was Romes conquest an economic opportunity for War?  Invade and sell wine?  Or more likely it was the Satanic minded, from minute fetal alcohol syndrome conquering the thinking peoples of the world for jealousy and spite of their own condition in comparison.

I believe your ancient Jews were a lot different than many of our modern Jews.  I believe the ancient Jews had their own souls and respected the rights of others- I believe that they were like me.  The phrase from the Bible that supports my belief is that it is said they ran crying in agony when the Romans invaded.  Or it is something like that.  The horrific image that forms in my mind when I think of that is a barbaric ape without a soul invading my HOMELAND!

So if you are of the Satanic race and do not have your own soul for whatever reason that does not give you the right to harass other people for theirs.

With all the money that was pumped into Joseph Lieberman's Homeland Security, he did take credit for it, what good has it done us? 

They want to tell us that pot is now tracked and therefore monitored.  Baloney they sell it right on the street, I am told.

That Satanic mind could never get along with the thinking mind.  So what does it seek to do?  Harass it, sell it drugs and ruin it, create false idols so that others are lead to ruin, profit from the works of the leaders of its school of thought as if it was their own work.  It never ends!  The horror never ends.

Do you want to know what else was defeated during WWII.  The Word of the Lord- the Bible of Jesus Christ.  After WWII if you believed in the Bible or Jesus Christ it could be a sign they use to label you mentally ill.  I believe in Jesus Christ just like the Bible tells me to!  And I will tell you one more thing our Lord Jesus Christ did not believe in Alcohol, the God of the Garden of Eden did not believe in alcohol either.

Why should the rights of any one individual be abused because you don't have the sensibilities that God gave them!

There are a great many who live in this country that we would be better off just paying them whatever amount of money they are earning today- not to work at all!  That is what I think has been your negative influence on the United States of America. 

I was going to write a story called at the Mercy of the Goon about how a classroom of good children should not have to put up with a bad kid or Heeee Brew or Blessed one.  But our society is becoming just the opposite, "Here comes the blessed one to school today?"  Lets all smile and applaud.  And don't ever mention that drugs are not good for our educational system.  And don't tell when he is molesting that underclassman on the other side of the carnival van.  And don't tell when he has utilized the infrastructure of the United States to legalize drugs and ruin your child's life.

Let me be clear; the Satanic do not steal souls because they are never as good as the souls they ruin.  The souls they ruin were created by loving fathers and mothers.

And indeed some satanic mind or soulless might be created through inbreeding.  I only mention this as I put two and two together as I look a pictures of families.  I come to the conclusion that once someone was laughed at and pointed at and called a Hee-brew the only one that would marry them was another Hebrew.

This diatribe applies to every religion, race creed and color on earth.  I only use the focus I do because I was raised a Catholic and read the Bible and learned it from that perspective.

I have one more other point to consider, once the satanic steal a soul or torture someone they are with that person for the rest of their life.  I say that as I look at the face of John McCain and wonder what communist or Oriental is with him.  Something about a resemblance of his lower Jaw line or cheeks to a Communist leader from memory.  How do we give John McCain his good soul back I ask?  I am not the one who took it, you can't get it from me.  Neither can you Lieberman, who made the nuance comment of being the EXILED.  It is an inside reference to the Exiled Priest from the book of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  With this much fire being put to the keyboard you cannot tell me that I am not on someones reading list or auditory preference list.

Why do I write?  I write until I will no longer hear those voices.  I write for the community of the ancient Jews who ran from their homes.  I write for the American dream that has been lost and stolen.  I write as a template for survival for younger versions of myself who might find themselves lost and hopeless in an evil world of the primate mind.  I write as Thomas Jefferson did, he wrote well but did not speak much in public.  Do you know why?  He had the Satanic with him in his mind and they coveted every word he would think to speak.  But he found out that if he wrote they did not covet the word but sought to listen and learn.  It resets the Satanic to their place in terms of who is boss and who should be.  The Book of Revelation mentions the same thing or concept with, "Blessed is the one who reads aloud."  Put that together with the blessed ones being God's favorite children and you get an idea of what went on.

To be very clear I am not a racist.  But there is an element of racism in my writing and it is indeed a reverse element of racism.  I am telling you that the soulless as described by the word of our Lord are indeed the greatest hidden racists in WORLD HISTORY!!!  I run the reading list of upper hierarchical participants again,  It could be an English Druid, a Nazi German, An Irish Stone Henger, An Emasculating pagan Pollack or Roman, a dare I say it- SIKH,  a Catholic Priest, a Robbing Eye, the barber who nicked your ear, the Dentist that leaned on your glasses until they were bent, The head of an Investment Firm located in Chicago that could not stand it when you read the Investment Paper before work, The leader of the Boy Scout troupe you were in whose son offered you booze on the camping trip and then felt of your knee at a basketball game and told you that you had pretty eyes, It could be the cigarette smoking President of the United States, it could be the Queen of England, it could be the Lutheran minister,  It could be the Dean and professors of a University that is complacent with molesting and hazing,  It could be your professional football team coach who does not have the true intelligence for professional sports, it could be the leader of a limited liability corporation that ruined our environment.  I could go on and on.  The bottom line is that you do not represent the values of the United States of America and have eroded our rights and society.  You know who you are and no sane loving mother and father would ever want to raise a child in a community with the Satanic in it.  No intelligent human being would ever strive for success only to have it ruined by a feeble minded person with a mean mouth and money behind them.

Good bye.

PS. Now they want to give the black girl on the news this item to read because something read or heard made them sad, "You should look for signs that someone is feeling depressed by what they post on the internet."  I am not depressed, YOU SHOULD BE!

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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