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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pagan Birth 12 20 2012

Pagan Birth 12 20 2012

About as close as the Pagan primate male gets to thinking like a man is when his testosterone is boosted from drinking alcohol.  Or at least that is how he feels she thinks like a man. And that is the only happiness the beast ever achieves in life.  That brief inebriated time of escapism where it gets to believe it is something it isn’t.

Oddly enough that alcohol boost to testosterone is also when he has sex and conceives his bottle brood.

Then he wants to complain, “Does my daughter look happy to you!”  As if to imply you bare responsibility for all of his misery.

To which you respond, “Neither of you bottle born’s do to me.”


Today is 12 20 2012 if you are living in a dark future from now and hear voices in your head, consider that you have a great many evil people in a vacuum in there and that they cannot get out, so grab a keyboard and start typing non-stop of how to make a better more peaceful world.


I watched a man typing on the touch screen of his phone.  It looked funny because he was using one thumb on one side and one thumb on the other side similar to how a person types but with fingers on a full sized keyboard. 

I concluded the only mechanical ability he had was to polish the head of his penis with his two thumbs.


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