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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The AR-15 in the War Zone 12 20 2012

The AR-15 in the War Zone 12 20 2012

I believe it is better to kill than maim when in War.

I also believe that you do not leave an environmental hazard behind after you are done in War.  That means no lead or radioactivity or land mines with no time decay to the igniter.

Bullets should be made of sand based ceramic over a scrap metal core or vice versa with a third coating on the surface to reduce friction and wear.

What was the Caliber of the original trench gun?  The AR-15 is a trench Gun and it is small diameter caliber, less than a quarter inch in diameter.  The Tommy Gun was a trench type gun (Rapid fire assault weapon and it was high caliber almost a half inch in diameter.

Whoever thought it was a good idea in War to maim and rather than strive for immediate kill- other than an 8th grade Catholic School teacher.  The reason being a maimed soldier holds up the offense and gums up the line.  That maimed soldier is also more dangerous depending on where you maimed him; he has less to worry about in fear- it is the essence of the Kamikaze dive bomber that blew up your ship by flying his plane into it with him in it!

There are ways to make a trench gun more accurate so that it can be used for long range too.  The most accurate long distance guns have a bolt that closes and locks behind the bullet and stays that way until the user opens the bolt after the shot has been fired.  The trench gun operates by gas pressure.  In other words the bullet is ejected via gas pressure from the bullet in the barrel!  The contrail pressure force is a good idea but it needs to be thought of in a different way a more fixed back bolt and straight channeled lateral motion ejection.  Ejecting with stationary back bolt.  The revolver has this type of stationary back plate whereas the semiautomatic handgun does not.  But the revolver has a segmented barrel where as the semiautomatic is one piece.  One makes semiautomatic shots by the revolving bullet chamber behind the barrel and the other uses the pressure of the bullet flying forward to jimmy the bolt backward and start a mouse trap type mechanism that ejects the bullet and inserts a new one; and that is indeed the source of jams- that mouse trap mechanism.

The gun could be redone so that the bullet is chambered on a 180 degree fixed plane on the right and enters a solid back plate bolt, is fired with captive bullet siding and then ejected on the 180 degree fixed plane on the left.  That would make more engineering sense than the mouse trap mechanism.

Such types of guns could even use a standard magazine feeding into the 180 degree fixed plane.  A fixed back bolt that the firing pin is in would mean higher accuracy and less wobble back and better forward force.  Increased muzzle velocity!  Increased muzzle velocity means a bullet that hits harder and faster, a bullet that kills and not maims!


I read somewhere that the .223 causes more damage than a deer hunting rifle because the bullets stay in you?

The best way to kill is to have an entrance hole and an exit hole!  If we learned anything at all from the Kennedy assassination it was that that exit hole cut out of the back of his head is more deadly.  His head flew backward at first didn’t it?  Or did it fly forward and the bullet took off a wad of his skull like a toupee flying off?  I can’t remember.

For Bear hunting with a hand gun you should have at least a 200 grain bullet and I believe it is 1000 or 2000 fps muzzle velocity.  It is either one or the other and I am not going to look it up because I would not be able to finish this if I did.  The goal being to inflict high blunt entrance force and deep penetration to internal organs.  You are not going to stop a bear by setting a mushroom on its fur.

You want a bullet that saws down trees like my father told me about in the Huertgen German forest in WWII.  And in War you do need a gun with both Long Range and Rapid fire capability.  Anyone who tells you that can’t be done should have never been an engineer or presumed to be one.

That means a design with a solid back bolt and not the wobble mouse trap mechanism.  Jesus Christ America why do you hand a soldier a rifle at all if it does not have long range capability? A joke!  A burial group Joke!  An ethnic cleansing of your own brave Americans who believed in the United States.

This new technology could mean a delayed ported gas mechanism, thought of as how an air compressor briefly stores air before you use it whizz off the lug nuts.  Some gas pressure could be briefly captured and “valve” stored before being used for direct side port ejection to the left.  The blow back being used but not in the mouse trap type of mechanism.

So in order to get the fixed bolt you could do it that way or charge a revolver type of mechanism with a magazine type of mechanism.  But you would want the barrel to be sealed between the revolver section and the barrel so that gas pressure did not escape there.  Which get’s you to the next point why a rapid fire mechanism is not as accurate long range and that can be termed wobble and recovery and changing non-dynamic gas force.  The Gas force of the system changes the quicker it is fired?

This is how I conceptualize it and that is often the best source for better inventions because it starts from the ground floor with thoughtful analysis of componentry.

You see veterans come back from war maimed and what do you think?  Crude weaponry- meaning improvised weapons caused this.  You look at them and you don’t say that they would be better off dead.  But you might indeed think that about the enemy side you maimed!!!

And do you want to say that maybe a maimed person becomes an activist for change when they get back home?  They seek to prevent conflict and war?  No.  If they had the knowledge to do so they would not have been a General Infantry man in the first place.  They will be told platitudes after platitudes and never get to the true source of conflict that was the cause of their maiming. It is like asking someone a question and they don’t want to answer because if they do they might lose a sale!

Your wounded veterans are screwed up and can barely function- maimed!

A lateral solid fixed tray channel to the bolt and barrel.

Per my memory of understanding the Tommy gun worked because the bullet did not seat itself as snuggly in the chamber as a bolt action rifle.

How about a mechanized bolt action rifle?  This could be accomplished if the chamber was milled into the bolt so that the bolt closed onto the bullet and enclosed in at a arced seal to the bolt and chamber.  In this formation the bolt would not need to be retracted in order for a new bullet to be chambered.  It would spin 90 degrees and a spring would eject to the direction of choice engineered into the system- down is best. And after ejection a new bullet enters the bolt.  It could indeed incorporate more than one bolt because in essence the bolt is more like the chamber of a revolver in this formation.

When I go hunting in the woods do you know what type of bullet I want to use?  One that goes straight through and takes a large wad out the back.  I want that animal bleeding from two holes so it drops quickly and I do not have to trespass after a long search to retrieve it.  It used to say in the hunting regulations that you are to ask the owner to come on his land to get the animal.  Who wants to bother someone.  And at the end of the cold day the hunter just wants to get something to eat to get his energy back.  It is an energy intensive type of activity.  One person should be able to hunt and shoot and get a deer without have to book hotel for a night!  Does it favor Illinois hunters in Wisconsin.  The current regulations have it worded differently- if you have to trespass to retrieve it you are allowed to leave it lying dead.  This has to do with the law whereby if you go on a man’s enclosed mail porch he can legally shoot you!

You are not allowed to use a fused lead bullet to hunt in Wisconsin either.  You have to use an expanding one.  A fused bullet is hard and has deep penetration.  I think that you should be able to use a fused bullet with a hollow or blunt type point but not a pointy point. 

Not only that bullets should not be made of lead anymore!  It is bad for the environment and where children play.  Lead should not be allowed in skeet shotgun shells or shotgun shells at all in Wisconsin.  Surprisingly enough there are many shotgun shell companies that have alternative products on the shelf already.

I think the AR-15 is antiquated just as I do the car or truck that gets less than 20 mpg.  Cars today should be getting 50 MPg with the same start torque and horsepower.  If you know what you need to engineer you engineer it today!  You don’t say in defense of your stoogism that it will be available 50 years from now.  That means you hire the good engineers and not the ones with minds like cookie jars.

The AR-15 maime’s adults but what did we just find out it was highly fatal to children?  What does that tell us?  It was never an effective weapon for a war of adults.  And you will not be able to argue me out of my position that all Wars have been caused by adults with the minds of children!

Let’s see.  “I am maimed and you killed my children.  How nice! That is just what I always wanted to be in life.”

You can tell who is making the decision by what the view of the forest in hindsight is telling you.  In other words what the effect is can be attributed to the nature of the person that was in power.  A mind of a child takes War as a certainty because he cannot think responsibly.  He maim’s rather than kills because he never formed confidence in his beliefs, stance in the first place.  This is the exact reason the wars are started.  And not only that he sends soldiers off to war without the right gear.  It is almost a form of Eugenics isn’t it?  But in this case those who were braved and believed in themselves are killed in battle.  Who would want their son to be exposed to homosexuality in the military?  Let’s see I was a decorated war hero, my father was and I cannot tell you how proud I am that my son had an affair with a powerful general and came back with aides.  I am proud he served!  Makes you want to puke doesn’t it.

The reason they allowed gays in the military is because they would have had to have a draft if they didn’t.  No red blooded and intelligent American would have gone to war in the middle east because he knew we could have been energy independent already.  But that is not the direction our weak leadership took us in.  They can’t conceptualize clean energy technology just as the richest man in America who made his money in the stock market can’t.  What they understand is cigarettes and diabetic soda, not clean air and water.

The type of bullet they needed in the Middle East is called a cop killer!  Fused lead with deep penetration.  I don’t think a lot of people got the definition of wad cutter right.  A wad cutter type of bullet takes a lump of flesh with it as it exits your body, that is what a wad cutter is!

And how do I know?  Because I would not want a snub nosed fused lead going through me.  A wad cutter!  A large caliber bullet that goes through you like that causes a tremendous wave of flesh tearing pressure and two bleeding holes.  If a person is hit in the chest with a deep penetrating wad cutter they are likely done.  Internal organs are ripped up as it travels through.

I believe some of the knowledge regarding these things has been purposely misstated.

Semi automatic pistols and rifles can jam with soft metal hollow points.  Soft metal means your standard lead and not your fused lead.  Round nose hard metal jacket would seem to jamb less.  And to a lesser degree snub nosed.  But snub and round nose tipped jamb too.  Why?  Because the bolt, ejection port and start of barrel mar into the soft lead during the mouse trap mechanism and once the lead deforms on the way in on a mouse trap part the gun is jammed and in a war zone the soldier dead!

Nylon or Teflon coated might feed better into the chamber of the mouse trap mechanism.  Some coatings have a sticky resin that when heated by barrel heat can freeze the bullet in place and result in a jammed gun, leaving the shooter a sitting duck.

That full metal jackets jam less for this reason.  However ones with the hollow point tip bring up the issue again because there is a larger front plane with a circumference of friction catching surface.  The pointing tip jams because the point catches on something or it is viced in on the narrow sides of the .223 AR-15 bullet by the mouse trap mechanism.

These are my thoughts on the subject take it with a grain of salt.  And I have to ask myself- why the suicide rate of U.S. soldiers is so high in the middle east?  Do they not have confidence in their military rifle?

That AR-15 is perfect for those who like to stalk through the woods and hunt deer and shoot them once in the head.  It is light and short barreled.  What does good does that do you in the dessert?  To fire a rifle like long range in the dessert only gives away your position!  And what happens next?  You get the threat of a bunch of oil skinned goons pulling up around you in some old trucks and getting knives out to slowly cut you up like they do their women.  Oh not so bad you run back to the barracks and are comforted by the butt raping commander.  You can’t shoot him so the proud American dies in the sand!  That would be a hateful thing to do.  And hate is illegal.  Wait hatred is not illegal it is subjectively legalized by those who have the money to say what is hateful and what isn’t.  So the American soldier kills himself in the middle east for three reasons, 1. To avoid capture and torture.  2. Because he can’t stand his company and commanders and they are supposed to be the symbolism of what America is.  3.  Because he does not want to come home to the United States that he left because it was no better than when he left.  4.  Because of his military unit he no longer believes in the United States.  He gets an epiphany while he is over there and realizes he will not fight for the United States? 5.  He see’s there are drugs in the military and he does not believe in them. It makes him sick to be an American.

There was no draft because no one truly believed in George Bush and would have gone.  You did not see Republican after Republican enlisting to fight the wars in the Middle East. You saw those sluggo eyed types seek political office like- Governor.   And to be fair you did not see the son’s of wealthy Democrats that supported the Bush Oil Company War enlist their sons.

It is a shame that college students are always tempted to enlist in the military with recruiting offices close to campus.  It is the type of people that are disillusioned by their whine mouth college professors that would have the capability to create the best progressive change in our country.  They would have made the best engineers, statesmen, activists, honest businessmen, neighbors, writers, etc.

These are all reasons that our Army was to be disbanded during times of peace.

This country does not think like men do anymore.

Who is it that wants you to become maimed in a War?  Someone who wants to, and takes great pleasure in, watching someone suffer for the rest of their lives.  In a word- Satan.  Yeah he/she exists and he/she has the mocking personality of a fermented apple eating chimp that got kicked out of the Garden of Eden because he/she was a burden to a sustainable ancient Jewish Community.  They believed in creationism and not rotten apple monkey freaks. And what is Homeland Security and its search and surveillance technology that does not need a warrant?  It is the high tech peep show for this type of Freak!


© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS. The overiding decisive factor that makes it wrong is, "What would a soldier feel more confident with in a warzone?"  Right there is the truthful answer.

PPS the solution to future generations of the rifle is to have the option while in the field to fix the bolt in place so that it does not travel back upon firing.  This would increase muzzle velocity and accuracy and more mimic the bolt action rifle.  A bolt action rifle levers that center fire bullet in place like a vise.


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