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Friday, March 28, 2014

A New Paradigm not reflected 03 28 2014

A New Paradigm not reflected 03 28 2014

I don't really feel that the investment interest expense deduction accurately reflects reality today.  Why not?

Because most of us can't afford to invest and also when we do we lose money!  But not only that the entire banking sector was found guilty of participating in the mortgage fraud.  So those that we would have entrusted to invest have been proved fraudulent!  However we still have to pay them credit card interest to finance and invest in our daily lives!  Our investment interest expense pays for our daily lives!

And yet that interest expense is paid directly to those same business entities that were found guilty and fined billions in the mortgage fraud!

One more point makes is a break from reality!  If you were to invest that money you would not be able to earn interest on it!  Banks pay about 1/10 of 1% interest!  That really means that they don't know how to make money for the American public.  So defacto all our interest expense that is paid to banking entities should be tax deductible! Now that is how a rational human being would think of that!  A rational human being does not consider the pot of American money that the government collects as being something that the bankers are responsible for trickling out while taking a little or lot for themselves.  A man thinks of those two entities as separate!  And when the banking function fails and is fraudulent there is a disconnect from our Government such that a willful and fraudulent failure by the Investment industry does not have the capability of bankrupting the country and ruining it!  Follow?

We also have an entirely different demographic today!  We do not have the educated to invest!  How do we know and prove that?  Because the very banks that are supposed to represent such talent were found guilty of fraud related to home ownership of Americans!

I believe that because of this credit card interest should be tax deductible on a tax return!  The reason it isn't is because it would mean the Government could not collect taxes when banks are fraudulent.  Which is how the bankers stay in wealth; by not getting the government mad at them!  What it really amounts to is that the Bankers consider  themselves to be our Government! That isn't true and that should not be allowed to be the perception that they afford themselves!

Now times used to be different!  I would presume that people were more educated and the markets were a lot fairer!  But today we can see right through that because the banks were found guilty for participating in the mortgage crisis!  So indeed it would be the duty of the Commander in Chief to further punish the banks so that they do not resort to usury interest rates that the American can not deduct on his tax return?  There is absolutely no reason we should not be able to!

We don't have disposable income to invest because we pay too much interest on our credit cards, hence  that interest expense really is the gestalt of investment interest expense.

It is really unfair to the American public and a way that the banks get away with what amounts to negligence while staying in business!  That concept violates the concept of free markets!

In other words it is a great cost to you but you can't deduct it because if you did it would make the banks look bad because they didn't grow the economy!!!  Now perhaps that is the best sentence.  They didn't grow it but they still want the pretentiousness as if they did?

Now had the Investment Banks really invested in America we would have jobs and revenues to pay down the national debt.  So they didn't.  Which means that they somewhere along the line people were hired who did not have the required qualifications!  And it went on for so long that it added up to $17 trillion in debt.

That debt is a direct expense from banker ineptitude.  Do you ever hear a banker talk about being responsible to the American Economy?  No!  Never!  In effect a Corporation is more likely to get a loan if they move jobs to countries that do not have our civil rights!  And that means in reality that our Bankers do not believe in  our civil rights!  Can't paint it any other way!  Let me expand on that a bit, a corporation is more likely to get a banking loan if they cut costs and become more profitable by transferring work from the United States to China!  And that is just plain wrong!

And another odd point in here is that somehow Corporations grew so profitable from this that they became their own banks!  But what do we learn really happens when they assume that responsibility?  That they defer expenses!!! In effect the cash flow goes to banking management and the expenses for things like pensions are deferred and the liquidated and the taxpayer ends up paying!  Another reason why all Shylock interest any American citizen pays should be tax deductible!

They are really Hobo's wearing fancy hats to me!

And this does add up to $17 trillion in debt.

The banks are bankrupting the American with usury rates and also the mortgage fraud!  At which point they want to step back and state that our Constitution was at fault!  And after that they start whipping blacks again!  But it won't be them that will be doing it, it will be the Corporate entity as a person!  So really if you don't think of yourself as a person because you have defined yourself to be a fictional entity that can't be held liable then I see no reason that packing you in a sardine can with wheels and driving you to the Mexican border!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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If you look at the machinations you see that they never meant on paying the country back for the debt incurred but never thought anyone would be smart enough to figure it out!  But empirical evidence tells us it is true! And that debt is a result of unearned salary.  One might even state that because of the bank fraud bankers might have a higher tax rate?  In effect one that results in a rebate to the rest of us?  They never meant on paying it back!  Look what happened in the stock market crash of 1929!  FDR made millions by shorting the market, he used it to become president and then legalize alcohol!  That is what they are about, and not LIBERTY!

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