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Monday, March 24, 2014

Humor of the day 03 24 2014

Humor of the day 03 24 2014

The first thing to consider when conceptualizing a new electrical project is? 'Let's see if I can't lick this one.'

Meaning that some people consider blue collar type jobs the equivalent of licking live electrical wires?  Something akin to that meaning?

Or a satanic woman's point of view if she can just get a man to ejaculate she will learn everything from him? Leads to hokus pokus lighting and a non sustainable national energy policy doesn't it! :)

In fact there could be no greater source of drain on our national pool of intelligent energy than that! :)

And there are indeed some CLUBS I would never again go swimming at.

So indeed when you gather your wire strippers, you screwdriver, electrical tape for a project the first thing you should think is, "Let's see if I can't lick this one?"

Now most blue collar workers believe that the independent minded are a threat to their industry.  Can you see how I just might have been a benefit to providing more work for you?  It isn't a job for the blue blooded brain is it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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