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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Those are works of ART! 03 27 2014

Those are works of ART!  03 27 2014
And Adolf Hitler confiscated degenerate Art too!  Was it really confiscated in order to preserve the concepts behind it?
Some of that Art looked to be of old German women (Jewish?) whose faces were wrinkled and dry from cigarette smoking!
Adolf also banned cigarette smoking!  Now you aren’t going to like the reason for that which I will get to in a little while!  But for now I will say we know that it causes cancer!  And when did he ban it?  In the late 30’s early 40’s?  The tobacco companies lied to us for decades on end in the United States after that!  It has been 75 years!
The tobacco lobby would not allow the faces of the victims of smoking on the labels!!!  What if every pack today were required to have a label with that degenerate art on it?  When I was a kid Wacky Packs were degenerate art and we all loved it!!!  We loved it!!!
King David himself was said to have killed a Giant ogre Goliath too!  How come we don’t see any images of what Goliath had to have looked like?  Just turn on All Star Wrestling or an NFL half time show?
And that degenerate art of Michelle and Barrack did not even go far enough!  Michelle Obama should have a much larger forehead than that!  How would you like to be a white person hearing “them” balooga howling at you all night long?
We have $17 trillion in debt today!  A friend of mine once told me that when you have a complaint with regard to a common stock trade as in when your “Customers man” did not follow your order execution instructions…that the complaint department is three N1993r’s in a closet! (howling at you?)  That is indeed where we got our $17 trillion in debt from and that too is a Nazi concept that goes on to today!  Victims of the howling being labeled mentally ill and discredited for the rest of their lives because of it!
A howler is more likely than not to have a mental defect?  FDR turned back on the “tap” to create them!  If you ever listened to a tattooed Jewish victim of the holocaust you will hear them tell you that they have absolutely nothing good to say about alcohol!
It is has been stated that Barrack Obama never takes a shot in basketball unless he is absolutely sure.  I am the same way but I use a little different mental process than he does and it is called synthesis!  The degenerate hate, people who have the capability for synthesis, that just like chief inspector (Morse?) hated clusoe!  Synthesis is the pinnacle of analysis.  And I used to have an equity research analyst always try and be cute with me and use the phrasing, “Doing something for the right reasons.”  They do this because they are envious of your ability for synthesis as the pinnacle of analysis.  It is an insult to you and when it happens your through trail to the synthesis is indeed disrupted!  And because of that aggression against you and me synthesis and therefore humanity is defied, discredited and defeated!
Now if Barrack didn’t like the pictorial of himself and his wife with monkey mouths I would have to say, I would find it extremely obscene …the concept of watching two lesbians kiss at a legalized marriage!
Michelle Obama’s voice sounds like that of an old hound dog to me!  And I like that!  Why?  Because she isn’t being pretentious!  Because it shows she has a good soul!  I find a commonality to it.  But also I find it annoying sometimes.  But not as annoying as the other Presidents wives in my lifetime of 47 years!
A lot of poor black people might feel the same way about Barrack Obama and Michelle as is depicted in that photographic art?  Let me explain.  I once worked with some black girls and the topic of Michael Jackson came up.  I hemmed and hawed trying not to say what I really thought of him.  When all of a sudden that black woman bellered out “Shoot, boy that’s a woman!”  Another time one came right out and stated that “All in the Family” with Archie Bunker was her favorite show!  The point being that any black woman whose man left her for her to raise the kids herself might not have the protective opinion we would think she might!
Now if that Belgium magazine gets in trouble for publishing those photographs, then the entirety of the Star Trek television series profits should be confiscated on racketeering of racism charges, because those crude looking black skinned Kling-Ons were indeed a metaphor for successful black people in business.  And it is stated that they did not develop their own technology but stole it!  And I do indeed believe it was a black person that told me that black churches have billions of money! …. And yet blacks live in poverty and crime!  If you apply those rules that they want to against that Belgium newspaper then the entirety of Hollywood and their illegal immigrant drug dealers and yard workers would have their money taken from them and be gone! Star Trek was one of the most successful, and therefore profitable, television series of all time. 
Now England was founded by the Romans.  All Protestant and Christian religions are a complete fraud based on the unification of church and state and control through narrowing a belief system to monotheism whereby the priest can argue against concepts of free thinking and also abuse children so that they believe they weren’t abused!  That makes them not a religion at all but rather a violation of church and state!  And we have enough empirical evidence for that already!
The Puritans killed priests that molested children!  And for some reason they disappeared as the English brought black slaves to the United States to work on tobacco plantations?
Now why did the English Druids worship the monkey and why do we get the concept of normality of gay marriage from English Masters and Johnson.  And here it is.  The English used pine tar as a preservative for the ropes on their navy ships!  The English also added that to American Tobacco without a single one of us knowing it!  What does it do?  From Culpeppers complete herbal we know that Pine Tar causes miscarriage!  And undulating placenta in reaction to it.  We also know that the Austitic are stated to be that way from folds in the placenta that deprived their brains of oxygen and it lead to what is a mental retardation effect.  Let’s not mince words that’s what it is!  And it doesn’t matter if a Tea Party lobby group gets to rename the condition!  The way mental retardation is really diagnosed is that those children can’t be taught by normal means.  Sure you might put a man with his own mind on spit and turn it for them at which point they take great delight in hearing him scream.  And that spit might even be an adaptation of a directed energy microwave based weapon!  Hence G. Bush’s no guns within a special education school zone?
So what this gets at is that the Druids worshiped the monkey because they were autistic from pine tar ropes and therefore couldn’t learn how to support their families and hence were also mean from frustration and beat slaves to produce more of what made them and the blacks mentally defective?
And more importantly is that were we get the definition of the blue blood democrat from the south?  Blue being the color of oxygen deprived blood?
And there might indeed be an ulterior motive to Rupert Murdoch hiring a buffoon like Peirs Morgan in order to propagandize hatred of the English in the United States?  It’s working isn’t it!
And Barrack Obama’s father was a Kenyan Oilman.  His mother might have indeed been a woman who was forced into night club prostitution in Hawaii!  After Great Britain drove the polytheist from India to Kenya they followed them there?  So England had a presence in Kenya too.  So the only reason Barrack is President is to create oil Wars that benefit Great Britain oil companies?  To be the smoker who benefits English tobacco?  To be the gay marriage fellow that benefits those with the mind of a monkey, druids.  To take away our Guns so the English can then take away our homes through another LIBOR mortgage fraud?  Scary isn’t it!
I want to embargo England and force them to hand over all their national gold!
And I can tell you what else England who did not want to be part of the European zone or the Euro won’t like.  They won’t like the historic monument of the V2 rocket that is pointed at England?
I have to sleep in Kevlar to prevent my spine from being rattle boned into becoming a paraplegic from a directed energy weapon that mimic’s a Howler monkeys utterances!  Iggy Pop sang about it too!  And Winston Churchill likely used it to burn up old grandmothers in England with and call it spontaneous combustion!  I tell you if that was used on Adolf Hitler it was the cause of your holocaust!
And here is what it looks like: 

All public figures are subject to that form of political humor!  Belgium doesn't need to apologize!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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