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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Soteria Topic 03 19 2014

Soteria Topic 03 19 2014

Might not be of help but it might be to you.

When you are thinking as if you are talking to someone (with a defective mind) they here it!

Thought I would let you know it!

1. But it isn't your fault!
2. And they are used to it because it is likely all the soul that they have!
3.  In fact when (defective minded) people are mean to you it is for that reason, because they need to fill the poverty of their soul!
4. And indeed they can get very far ahead of your thinking in this "shadow" manner and that is a principle of unfairness in humanity!  To believe in being born with a defective mind so that you will be the wealthy because of it?  That is all take and no give back isn't it!
5.  And that whole psychological construct leads to what we would consider to be odd behavior on their part!  But it hasn't really been documented other than in metaphorical allegory.

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