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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bureau of ATF Federal Gun application form should include further designation: 03 25 2014

Bureau of ATF Federal Gun application form should include further designation:

It goes by the nation of origin of your biological father’s surname.  As your biological fathers surname carries your gene.

13: Please note your race:  (on the current form it lists Hispanic and non Hispanic white) and then a second place you are also to declare white if you are.  It needs to go one step further as long as it is trying to be what it is trying to be.  It is well known that Italy was invaded by the Moors and that is what gives them their olive skin color, it is also known that they are at the black heart of organized crime in America today.  So that gun form also should list, Non-Italian White!  The following designations might help.
European White (non negro gene)
Slavic (Polish, Russian etc.
Romanian Cohen Gene
Other Please specify:_________________________________________________

14. Do you believe you are someone else, if who ____________.
15. As an adult do you declare an ultra ego that is not your own, if so whose__________________.
16.  Was your biological father married to your mother.
17.  A. Have you had unprotected sex with women you met at bars late and night?  Yes no
B. If yes how many bastard children have you potentially sired.______  Of those how many likely have a mental defect such as dyslexia.__________
18. What is your belief system.
a. Catholic
b. Protestant
c. Jewish.
d. Pagan
e. My belief system is alcohol and drug use.
f. I believe that human beings should be traumatized for their minds for my benefit.
g. Homosexuality and or Lesbianism.
h. I believe that I should have limited liability for all of my business dealings and sales (Excluding guns)
h. Other please explain._____________________________________

Thomas Paul Murphy
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