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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Evolution can be thought of as the monkeys that refused to eat of the rotten fruit of the season 03 30 2014

Evolution can be thought of as the monkeys that refused to eat of the rotten fruit of the season

1.       Rotten fruit is fermented and contains alcohol.
2.       Because alcohol causes oxygen deprivation brain cell death while at the same time increasing testosterone.  2a.That is what leads to violence as is true with the Gorilla species. 
3.       The human race had to have evolved by shunning that violent behavior.
4.        In effect the human being realized that rotten fermented alcohol fruit was not Kosher!  Hence we are the first Jews!
5.       And from my article the other day how this defines what Satan looks like?  (See God’s Versus Demoniacs!)

Do you see how this Biblically defines the difference between Gods and You-Mans?  Fetal alcohol syndrome spectrum people have de-evolution facial features as well as devolved mental traits!  Do you also see how a dependence upon alcohol is de-evolutionary?

And I am going to confidently make the assertion that the voices we hear in our heads are from the de-evolutionaries!

And the spelling of that word needs to be corrected to de-evolutionary in the dictionary!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Imagine if you will two men on the police force.  They both have de evolved brains.  However the one doesn't know the other does.  And the one that does blackmails the one that doesn't so that justice is thwarted.  The solution is to recognize the de- evolved brain!  Hence the good man of the two never is blackmailed (or bullied) into participating in a criminalized society!And they will be mean to the good man until he leaves any profession capable of supporting a wife and children!  Perhaps that is the greatest joy the de-evolved ever achieve in life; to make a criminal out of a good human being!

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