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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Switchblade Knife 03 27 2014

The Switchblade Knife 03 27 2014

If the Switchblade were legal we would have far fewer, women forced into prostitution, drug dealers ruining your children's lives, and women raped on campus?

And I even believe a boy has the right to use one against a Catholic Priest that attempts to sexually molest him!

And it would be very convenient for them to carry in their purse.  Most black women in the core know this!

It is there when they need it in personal defense.

It is a violation of your Constitutional right to bear arms that you cannot have one!

That or any of the other weapons ownership violations should have never been considered felonies!

And just because something would be a danger to your son or daughter and those around them if they had one doesn't mean the same thing with regard to a child of mine.

Those attackers of women come on strong and fast.  The switchblade is one of the perfect weapons to defend themselves with!  And every woman shouldn't be expected to learn a martial art!  Who wants to learn with big momma laying on top of you on the mat?

And here is the key, it is only a matter of a split second, more than the time it takes that blade to come out, before a person knows whether someone approaching is friend or foe!  Otherwise it remains hidden in the palm of the hand and not deployed if friend and not foe!

If the stranger asks you, "What have you got there," then it is deployed!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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