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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cancer Bill 03 19 2014

Cancer Bill 03 19 2014

We already know what causes it!  Why should we pay for the medicine for it?

The way to address this issue is by addressing the causes first!

We know nails cause flat tires!  That doesn't mean we don't sweep up the garage floor because someone else will pay for the tire repairs!

Did you smoke, did you smoke?  We already told you it did!

Do you drink?  We already know that causes cancer!

We already know oral sex causes cancer!

The point is that we don't sponser these activities!

And perhaps the issue should be that we nationalize those drug companies so that the taxpayer doesn't have to pay for other peoples sins!

What is the issue here?

You insure people for getting cancer from smoking and it isn't going to stop them from smoking!  They will continue to take the risk! 

You know that is exactly how they think!

So if indeed they want us to take care of their health then we do it by not letting them smoke!  That is the way this problem is answered!

It is Constitutionally illegal to sell or give someone an addictive substance.  Because it is addictive there gaurantied right to LIBERTY has been violated!  Addiction means they are not at LIBERTY to stop taking it!

Despite what you think the French Wine Statue of Liberty means or the Tattooed Britons tell us!

Why should the rest of us insure you for taking that risk? You are indeed Constitutionally protected from that risk!  Which means exactly this!  It is Unconstitutional from the rest of us to pay for it or protect you from it!  You willfully broke the Constitution!  Why? Because you are part of "it" that lobbied so that it snaked past our Constitutional Law!  So you indeed have no claim with regard to the rest of the nations insurance pool of citizens!  And this is the first time I articulated it this way in this paragraph!  But it applied here!  And in the future it will not be denied!  The correct interpretation will not be denied in the future!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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You want to drink Wine you go back to France or Italy!  You want to drink beer you go back to Germany!  And start problems over there like you did before and not here!

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