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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jezebel and the Jews Penis 03 26 2014

Jezebel and the Jews Penis 03 26 2014

There is a lot of literature by black people claiming racial superiority to the human race because they were indeed they Egyptians.  I don’t necessarily believe this to be true that the first human beings were black.  I believe that they might have been white.  A lot of us have the Rh+ cell antibody factor, it comes from the Rhesus monkey and they have white skin under the fur.  A more intelligent Rhesus monkey would have indeed grown larger because of its increased human intelligence and therefore less animal or satanic nature.
There is no mention of the term Jew in the Bible in fact it only appears in recent history.  But the Egyptians Circumcised men and we know they have origins going back tens of thousands of years.
From my commentary on the Polish in the last article I started to think about a Jews Penis.  It is often joked about but it isn’t funny.  I don’t believe they were born that way.  So it had to have been created from vascular trauma not soon after birth.  But they all do not have a small penis in fact I have not seen one in the locker room that had a small penis yet and I don’t look at other men’s groins, but sometimes you can’t help but notice who has what as you are in the locker room.
Now Adolf Hitler propagandized the Polish as being those that emasculated men.
From my research Jewish means the blessed one in Italian.  But that is a little misnomer too or a horrific reinterpretation from history.  I believe the term really comes from Jahu!  Phonetically it sounds like Jew!  Jahu killed Jezebel!  Jezebel is the one who healed the sick via Jezebel type activities.  You hear Jesus talk about this.  She was an extremely evil woman and had two Eunuchs as servants.  So where do the Eunuchs come from?
Jezebel persuaded the Jews to start worshiping the god Bahl again.
And as a right of passage males were circumcised by the Egyptians.  You see them smoking as they are being circumcised!  There is great symbolism there!  I believe that Jezebel had men who had their own minds or were polytheists Eunuch-ed!  She would have been so jealous of the human mind that she would not want humans to reproduce!  She would want to maintain control over men in this manner and prevent those who could think for themselves from populating the world.
Look at the hieroglyphic: 

Also worth noting is that the men and women have the exact same hair style!

Also note the skin color!  They are half black and half white!  They are white on their bellies and black on their backs.  Does it have something to say about a monkey on your back?
And also the artistic symbolism of the smoke changing into a snake on the upper right! Indicative of evil spirits in the smoke!

Those Egyptians in that picture look absolutely the exact same as my Jewish Childhood friend did.  Right down to the muscle tone!
I believe that Jews got their name from their admiration of Jahu!  He had Jezebels own eunuchs throw her out the window and she was indeed eaten by wild dogs as Elijah had predicted.
It doesn’t really do a person good to have help with them that is brain dead stupid.  So she likely chose the brightest of the lot to sexually victimize and become her servants.
There is indeed a passage in the Bible that states that Egypt and Israel are one.  And the white Jews of today are said to carry the black gene.  Do you see what might have happened to the pure white people at the hands and direction of jezebel?  It would have been genocide through sterility!
Now the Pope made the comment that the Catholic religion wasn’t the only religion where boys were sexually molested.  What was he referring to?  I heard the Comedian Richard Belzer state that he was sexually molested by a Rabi once.
And on the Oprah show there was once a man who had a botched circumcision and they decided to make a woman out of him.
What am I getting at?  That penis vascular damage might indeed happen during infancy or during circumcision.
And where does the principle of circumcision likely really come from?  Jezebel measuring the penis’s?
Jezebels desire to compare mens penis’s at right of passage?  Again a black religion concept?  Every time you hear a black man has a large penis think of this construct?  They selective bread themselves to have them and white men to have smaller in this Egyptian manner?
Have Jews with small penises been made to feel they are gay or it is okay?
Jews were never freed from Egypt!  Or the black rulership thereof! 
Jezebel dominance over men.
I also believe the conflict with the English that the United States has had comes from the English worshiping the monkey and therefore behaving like a monkey.  I believe the colonist that revolted against them were called Yankee because they were sexually molested or yanked by the English.  To support this viewpoint a boy had been found in the wild, he had been raised by monkeys as the druid English worship, he could not keep his hands to himself and he molested all the other children and they did away with that wild boy!  Now that is a true story.  This might have also been Hitlers conflict with England.  And I am going to say that the Ortho (means true) Doxy (means prostitute) looks a little different than the average white person they are pale and often look like they have blue blood under the skin.  Now that is the equivalent of the pharisees who were white and smoked, means pamako or pharmacy or witchcraft!  And the black slaves were indeed brought to the United States to work on Tobacco plantations.  We know that pine tar, again pamako or pharmacy or Pharisees or Pharaoh is indeed witchcraft in that it is added to cigarettes and can cause an immediate miscarriage.  This happens because it creates abnormal folds in the placenta and also strangles the fetus.  That hieroglyphic shows that only those who were smoking received the right of passage in Egyptian lore?  In effect what they were smoking might have been to ease their pain of circumcision too.  So that is where we get the concept of smoking as pain relief from?  And in terms of the Egyptians and Pamako.  What does it really mean?  Per my research Pam means all in some ancient Sanskrit language and ako means like elder brother.  So indeed that pharmacy was designed by Jezebel so that all the Egyptians or Jews would become dependent minded or monotheists!  All the same of mind and therefore dependent minded.
Now because we are told the Egyptians are black by the black people, even though they look tan skinned to me, it means that for some reason black people wanted to control the minds of men in monotheism?  To channel them into a narrow belief system meaning one God whereby the elders could dispute anything they said and control them?  Rather than allowing them to think for themselves?  So indeed this was black control over the white race in ancient history.  It wasn’t white people that were a threat to the blacks it was that they could think intelligently for themselves in polytheism?
Jesus himself believed in polytheism!  When you read the bible he is the only one with his belief system in it.  I believe that he was indeed the last living heir to the Hasmonean dynasty and that is why King herod wanted to kill him at baptismal.  That Hasmonean dynasty would have came after the one that killed Jezebel! Who had to have been of the defective satanic mind.
The black man and also the white races spawned by him by the Moors in Europe may very well be a lesser species of humanity?  One that does not have the ability to think for itself and is fated to be dependent minded.
I believe that those black Egyptians caught up to the white people who were in fact the original humans and fled from Africa.  Then the blacks caught up to them and started that Jezebel practice.  The whites who enslaved black in the confederate south are really of the black gene themselves!
Those Pharisees were therefore not Jews at all but black white Egyptian imposters.
Now Adolf Hitler himself had the black Jewish gene!  And Nazi Germany did indeed try and control an entire population of 80 million by what they admitted to being radio type technology.
So the original humans had to have been polytheists because polytheism leads to diversity of thought and considered how things might be from another person’s standpoint and that is what creates human reason and human conscience!  And all the Jews killed in the history of the world were consistent with Polytheists!  I am a polytheist.  But it doesn’t mean I believe in the sun or the moon God.  It means I believe in thinking about things from the human standpoint of what someone else’s perspective would be.  That grooming social nature of monkeys is from that perspective.  However the monkeys revert from being human because they abandon the concept of sexual identity in frustration from sexually molesting one another and also having sex with members of both sexes and all ages of the tribe.  Now think of that when you realize that the English religion is really worship of the monkey.  Worship means to emulate!
Now I do not like to bad mouth Jews.  But the majority of Jews in England are said to be Orthodox Jews.  And for some reason they are known to have some form of black magic that was so dangerous that it was kept secret for 2500 years!  The majority of Jews killed by Adolf Hitler were said to be Orthodox too.  I have great respect for some of them because I have known them to speak their mind and the truth readily in the face of those who would suppress it.  But I also have to wonder if they are genetic victims of Pamako.  They often have beards that cover their faces.

There are very few human beings that survive an attack from the Seven headed hydra that causes mental illness and live to tell about it coherently.  And that Seven Headed Hydra is indeed 7 WASP or monkey worshipping children that do not have their own soul and demonize a man and attack him for his human being soul.

Okay I had a solid plan to how this was going to be written and while I was writing it a technology created voice popped at me and distracted me and prevented me to saying what I wanted to say!  The United States Army has admitted for well over 20 years that is has the technology to make people hear voices in their heads.  Indeed it likely started during WWII with ships modified by opiate family money FDR from the US. Navy and then also the President that re-legalized alcohol,.. one after the other radio operator on navy ships during Word War II went insane.  Likely from displacement of the electrical synapse of human thought and the demonic possession of the military industrial complex members.  We also saw a completely new concept from FDR that equates to communism, one must surrender their individuality for the sake of Industry.  We also saw a complete new field of medicine emerge and it was one that pamako medicated those who heard voices in their heads that were vying to deprive them of their individuality.  The schizophrenic of today may be the only true human being that was raised to have their own human reason and human conscience?  And FDR’s wife was a mentally defective lesbian!  The inability to know your own sexual identity is either consistent with inbreeding mental birth defect or a defect to the hippo campus potentially caused by any form of pamako meaning pharmacy or witchcraft.
And perhaps the victimization of the males penis at a young age is done so the female wolf among us can better equate herself to being male?  If she sees through the eyes of a male in demonic possession then she is more readily allowed to believe the delusion that she is really a man and not a dependent minded beast without a penis?  I don’t believe a female wolf thinks she is any different than a male, in fact she participates in the kill just the same as males do.  And perhaps that is indeed the origin of the saying the female is more dangerous than the male?  She knows she is different and yet does not want to admit it hence she is more dangerous as she tries to prove herself.  And there you have Jezebel having euneched men and Jahu (Jew) killing her for it!

And in fact it is the Black man minister Farrakhan that stated that the white race will go extinct because of low birth rate.  And what song have we heard so much that black people like that alludes to sexual molestation, "The revolution will not be televised."

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 03 26 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

And more on this later if I feel like typing it.

And with the instance of this level of medical fraud you have to wonder if Rosemary Kennedy wasn't purposefully left half way out of the womb so that she would suffer from oxygen deprivation brain death because the satanic nurse knew she was going to be a very intelligent young woman?   And therefore a threat to Jezebel world order?

The voice of Jezebel or the Jezebel equivalent would be that of the mocking voice of God in the Bible in Genesis when the workers are mocked for having a stiff neck, in the parable of the talents when they workers are mocked that she could take away their skills and in the Book of Revelation where the workers is mocked that his later works will be better  than his earlier works.

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