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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gambling is Unconstitutional 03 30 2014

Gambling is Unconstitutional 03 30 2014

So this is the man that paid Newt Gingrich to propagandize smaller Government!  Smaller government leads to ineffective government and that leads to failure.
Do you see what vested interest this man has in that?  If not wait while I explain.
He is one of the 10 richest men in the world around 40 billion in dollars.  And he owns Gambling operations in Las Vegas so we are to assume that is where all his money came from.
Gambling is Constitutionally Illegal! And I can prove that right here and now.

Because it is addictive it means that you are not at LIBERTY to stop doing it.  Because you are not at LIBERTY stop doing it, it means that your Guarantied Constitutional right to LIBERTY has been violated.  Hence it violates your Guarantied Constitutional Right to Liberty.
Not for everyone you say?  But that doesn’t matter.  But to those who own facility it is they are indeed promoting a violation of Constitutional Rights!
40 billion dollar, did he ever reinvest that in the United States?  Only by giving it to a politician that sought to tear away at the fabric of our Government through his smaller government initiative.  Tell me this,  couldn’t our Government had functioned a lot more efficiently had they had those $40 billion dollars?  In fact I believe that all Gambling operators should forfeit those profits and assets over to the United States Government.  We only saw it legalized in Nevada around the time that plantation type slavery was ending!
Now what happens when you combine one addictive behavior with another two such as smoking and drinking?  You have created a criminal network of people to profit from haven’t you by violating their Constitutional rights!
And it doesn’t matter that no one ever brought it up before it is still undeniably true!
So he is backing Scott Walker as part of the Jewish Republican Party.  Slavery is a violation of your Constitutional rights too isn’t it.  And isn’t that what we hear the Jewish people always claim? How they were enslaved in the history of the world?  So they would support a politician that is on par with the horror that they suffered from.  And even though that $40 billion man isn’t a politician he really is isn’t he! Why?  Because he is making a political statement with his wealth!  He is indeed leading the Jewish people or isn’t he?  What do you think?
And I could also say that he has a perfect information business in setting his house odds on events because when any single one of us is dislocated from our minds it can indeed be used to see the future and set the odds.  Now that is indeed the exact opposite of the pinnacle of analysis called synthesis!  So it is the opposite of intelligence! And that indeed is one of the most horrific violations of your Constitutional rights!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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A Jewish Federation recieves its money from wealthy Jewish doners.  And the Federation then gives some food and things to Jews who are in need.  I see no reason that our Constitution should be violated for the benefit of that concept!  That is indeed what welfare was for!  And who was fighting welfare it was indeed Newt Gingrich who was the first beneficiary of Sheldon's political activity! They have never had a single thing to worry about in the United States have they?

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