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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Three Observations 03 27 2014

Three Observations 03 27 2014

1. Every dog walker should have a dog permit on a necklace around their own neck.  Failure to have such permit be seen should result in immediate in-poundment of dog; without meal!  Reason: Germ ridden feces on the sidewalk where our children walk and play.  But that doesn't bother most of you because you are into watching Italian organized crime pornography where the man licks the woman's...there is no euphemism for describing sick minded behavior like that. 

What an arrogant concept!!! Take the dog for a walk to 5417 in public!!!!  How much of that 5417 ends up in our water supply???  All dog owners should have an increase in there water bill just for that very reason!

2. A good debate would be of the detriment to traffic flow and road repair costs of alcohol and soda delivery trucks (versus clean water would be the start.)

3.  A developer is really someone that converts public property and community property and natural resource land into urban decline for personal gain!  First grant liquor licenses and then make a fortune creating apartment complexes nearby.  Which makes me wonder of a concept called FEMA money diversion?   I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to put a casino in at ground level and we see three sloths playing cards at a private table.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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"I know how the beast hunts."  That sounds like a good start to a poetry assignment!  The poem must start with, "I know how the beast hunts!"

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