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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Little Known Secret about Tobacco Smokers 03 16 2014

Little Known Secret about Tobacco Smokers 03 16 2014

And I am able to add a little more to this because of my memory recall of the dissociative personality from my college courses.  And this article also draws on my Analysis in the Happy St. Patrick's Day article 03 16 2014.

The cigarette smoker wants you to breath and smell its tobacco smoke because as you smell it is smelling it with you!  So it feels that it is one with your human mind!  It really isn't but it is of the dissociative belief system in life and when you smell the poison it is the one time in its mind that it can find a commonality with your human mind!  It hears your thoughts just as Satan was soulless and could read the minds of men!  Soulless really means to have a defective hippo campus from alcohol and therefore the inability to form your own human soul based on your own memory and learning.  Therefore the human soul being the equivalent of having ones own human reason and human conscience!  Do you see why it is very hard to make the beast smoker quit?  Do you see why it is so hard to ban and prevent his desire to smoke in public!  That is the only time he can express his commonality to the human mind!  And he does it by poisoning you with smoke!  As he is bound to the mind of a human while not being one he finds commonality to human beings when they are forced to breathe and smell his carcinogen!

And I didn't articulate that as well as I could!  Do you know who would prevent a human being from articulating something like that!  The mentally defective who were caused by it!  And that is irony!  We are still at the stage in history where denial precludes it from happening!  And what is that really protecting?  Great personal shame!  So that is indeed my life's mission!  To expose that shame so that we can indeed "Move on!"  The Bible references it in this manner, "The miserable ones who are still with us!"  AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHO IT IS TALKING ABOUT!

And here it is!  The true dissociative personality is split!  And that split is caused by the memory and learning center of the human brain the hippo-campus!  If you will it can only reference from the outer world in and not from the inner world of introspection outward.  It can't think about itself!  Now it is indeed a primate construct.  Now let me provide you a quote from the Englishman from druid monkey worshiping land of lineage, he stated that he was not very good at introspection!  He is an actor.  He also stated that he was a defacto polygamist that bought homes for all the woman he had sex with and children with!  So the dissociative personality does not even know what it means to be a father because it does not or cannot think like a father would or could!  It thinks via visual ques!  And he doesn't think he is a bad guy either!  But I say that any male that does not want to raise his own children is a bad guy!  And the reason they don't want to raise their own children is because they know very well that they do not have the proper mind to imprint them with!  Do you get it?  They have them but it is a great horror for them to try and teach that child anything!  Do you know why?  Because that irresponsible and dissociative mind then experiences great shame in fact overwhelming shame for anything that child fails to learn in life!  Because he doesn't raise them he can deny himself the shame!  He needs the religious scapegoat!  And that is a Pagan belief! And St. Patrick preached Christianity!  What was he really preaching!  You druids don't need to sacrifice human beings anymore!  Hey look Jesus was the last one!  Jesus was the last one!  Please no more!  That is what is called the optimistic case of my historical interpretation!And hence we are full circle again to St. Patrick's day!  If St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland where did they end up?  Only one place my friends!  England!  So not only is it monkey island it is snake island!  Monkey and Snake Island!

And you will never hear a better sermon or homily than that in any Church anywhere in the world!  Because the preachers themselves have dissociative personalities!  The real man wants to create a son in his own image!  The celibate preacher is not interested in women or he would not have taken the oath!  But perhaps the Roman Catholic Priest needed to know that all women were not like his bad mother!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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