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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Republican Idealism Concerning Pro Life 03 20 2014

The Republican Idealism Concerning Pro Life 03 20 2014

In ancient Rome all actresses and actors were available for prostitution by law.  Now I used to think that was just horrific!  But when I think about it, it starts to make more sense as well as the Republican Idealism of a woman having to keep a baby even if she was raped.

If indeed those actors were inbreeds they would indeed have some degree of mental defectiveness!  Hence the goal is that their human race has diversity and not the mentally defective ruling! And can it be said that an Actor is indeed mentally defective by nature?  How hard is it indeed to get into the screen actors guild!  I believe it is very hard!  And maybe indeed you have to be mentally defective to make it into it.

And perhaps the men who are born mentally defective with regard to a dysfunctional hippo campus should be sterilized and maybe even eunuched!  Why?  They will never be able to raise their own children!  But I believe that the women should be give a chance!  And that doesn't mean allowing them to be raped!  It just means you give them a chance to have a non defective minded child!  Now I don't know how that system would work.  But there could indeed be a pool of men who have their own human souls that they could mutually mate with!  The goal being to reestablish humanity!  And it should indeed be a legislated concept!  I believe it is the inbreeding and the drug birth defects that are causing our nations problems.

The goal of this would be to De Baboon the United States!

When I worked in the Investment Industry all Employees with an affiliation to the NASDAQ stock exchange had to be finger printed.  That policy should be updated today to include DNA sampling!  And that DNA sampling should extend to the employees in all of the following groupings.

Investment and Banking and all Finance
Corporate Management
Actors and Actors Guild
Entertainment including Professional Sports
All Health Care workers
All Pharmacy employees
Religious orders, Secret Societies and Fraternal Organizations
Anyone crossing the border into the United States.
Those employed at Universities and in our Education System.
All public servants and politicians
The United States Military and all Contractors

We have seen a lot of crimes committed in these industries and it is about time we crack down on it!
What those groupings basically mean is all people in the United States!

And it isn't in order to watch or surveil (made a word) you, it is for our National Health and Welfare!  So that genetic diseases or defects from inbreeding and also those that were born mentally defective through alcohol or drug use do not have the opportunity to negatively influence our society!  That is right those who cannot learn to read are not up to the standard of having children or raising them themselves so we need to put the kabash on that!  I read that 20% of Americans today have some form of dyslexia!  Can you see that a person that doesn't know how to read can only raise Barbarians!  And those Barbarians aren't going to want your normal children to learn how to read either!  They are going to create negative expectations for them in private schools!

And as I mentioned to the article written just before this one, every person has the right of Liberty to be "Born Free" from mental (or physical) birth defects!  That is indeed what your right to LIBERTY means and not a French Wine Statue off the Coast crime ridden and uneducable (new word no Google did not recognize it again!) New York!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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About that French Wine Statue off the Coast of New York.  You might remember that it wasn't until the wine presses from the country of Judah started rolling into Israel that Israel was concurred!

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