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Monday, March 17, 2014

Russia and Work 03 17 2014

Russia and Work 03 17 2014

The Conflict in Russia stems today from Russians not knowing how to work!  They were brought under communism for that very reason!  They were in-controllable people that populated “badlands” and ate human beings!
They still do not know how to work today!  I know this from their attitude and experience in the United States!

Putin states he needs that oil money in order to support his economy so his people have enough food to eat?  How come Putin could not teach them to grow their own?  How come we don’t see quality Russian products on the world marketplace or even the Russian marketplace today?  It is because it is the human being and not the communist minded that know how to work and create!
These are beings that were created from a bottle of sin!  That is all they know!  Keep them in sin and they are happy! 
Those that would take away human rights don’t know how to work!  It is the resentment of the human being!  Work and the human spirit go hand in hand!  It has to do with a fathers love for his son.  When a man works he is one with his father!
Communists were all Vodka drinking mentally defective.  Instead of demonstrating the ability to work they sought to dominate the human being worker.
So what do those that do not know how to work resort to in our society?  Control of national resources!
We are seeing this with Barrack Obama and Vladimir Putin!  I doubt either of them did an honest days work in their lifetimes!  These are the sons of alcohol!
All those babies that are born with birth defects are indeed children from SIN!  Fetal Alcohol children are children from sin!  Cancer itself is from sin!  It can never be cured as long as there is sin!
No nation on earth should be able to populate people that do not know how to work or respect the minds of human beings that do!  Therefore no single nation on earth should control natural resources!  If you instilled in your people an inability to work then they are going to starve!  Don’t start a war with us because of it!  If you promoted people in society that cannot earn an honest days living and we or you end up starving because of it you have no one to blame but yourself!
And that is what the concept of work is in both Russia and the United States as well as those that control oil!  Work is profiting from the tapping of a natural resource to them!  Now I have no problem with oil companies issuing shares of stock.  However I do have a problem with that industry preventing clean energy from being adopted so that those who don’t know how to work, mentally defective, can dominate the rest of us!
The person that doesn’t know how to work is often hyperactive and irritable!  They are extremely uncomfortable in the presence of real men who can think for themselves.  And we have a lot of this in the United States today!  How many men don’t know how to work and hence take great interest in pay for professional sports?  How does that support the American Economy other than through increased beer sales and the birth of the mentally defective that don’t know how to work and never will and resent real men!
And do you see the exact same thing that I do when you turn on the television set?  A complete secret world of idiots that don’t know how to work and mock the American Worker?  These are people that should be doing blue collar work!  However they never would!  Not only that they prevent the blue collar worker from, earning a living, working in a clean environment and also keeping his job in the United States!  This is an idiot attack on the United States!
And Russia had more people like this than the United States did!  In fact we took the burden off the Russian economy when they immigrated to the United States during WWII and also when the Berlin Wall came down!  So when Russia claims that they want to reduce the United States to a smoldering nuclear ash you have to realize that it is because Russian, German and European immigrants here that were there that is the cause of the problem!  Russia you are the cause of your own hatred for the United States!
So indeed the concept of not knowing how to work and indoctrinating an annuity stream whereby you never will have to work is indicated in many industries today.  And what happens is the second generation is from the Champagne womb and doesn’t know how to work and no one wants to work for them.  Nor per our Constitution do we ever surrender our individuality for the sake of Industry!  Human rights come first!
Russia if you are mad at the United States you are not mad at honest working Americans.  If you think you know how to manage a person that doesn’t know how to work we would be happy to send you a whole bunch or yours back and then some of ours too!  However you have already demonstrated that you don’t know how to work and also you like to create the conditions precedent where workers or rather polytheistic minds never make it in society!
And perhaps it is an issue with regard to odd women!  The idea that the man they marry should not be the one to raise their children?  That definitely creates people that hate work. 
So there is no way around this!  The world is being taken down by those who don’t know how to work but would have the rest of us presume they do!  And they would attack anyone who accused them of it!  To work means to read doesn’t it?  20 percent of Americans have some form of dyslexia!  And it might even be stated that those with learning disabilities dominate the American Economy today!
Now when the Berlin Wall came down Russia had the opportunity to develop workers rights and also fair divvying out of national industries!  What should have happened because is was communism was that every citizen got a share in every company!  But they failed through greed!  Which means that they never had the mindset of peaceful life for human beings in their history!  And that is indicative of a mentally defective nation!  I can remember praying, I hope someone helps Russia fairly transition from Communism to Capitalism!  It didn’t happen and it has to do with the defective mind!  Most United States residents don’t realize that Communism was designed to keep those people away from human beings! Just like the Great Wall of China was meant to contain something called the Magog!  And indeed there was a reason Germany was split in two post WWII and it has to do with the name German originated from Mongrel!  It means mixed, I will go ahead and claim it, mixed species!  So they come over to the United States and dun human beings for their human souls that know how to work and then convert it into money!  The money changers are here!  And when push comes to shove Russia you will be driven off the face of the earth!  And I will provide you with some crooked Corporate management from the United States to keep you company!

And if you consider it work to raise your own children yourself you should have never had any!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 03 17 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

And perhaps the conflict comes from the fact that one man is not supposed to live off the works of other real men to their exclusion!  That Isaiah I wrote about earlier today reads like a manual for a slaver master to enslave people to work for them!  We did all this to him and he never said anything foul?  He was the best man there could ever be but it is important to bury him with the wicked.  How much we enjoyed lashing the back of a human being; it really made us feel good and healthy about ourselves?  That is the hidden language of the beast among us!  The beast hates not only himself but also real men!  And the beast is just as wicked, no more wicked than those he beat and buried as if they were wicked!  Why he admits they weren't and he beat them anyway!

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