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Monday, March 24, 2014

All future architecture should be mandated so that the entire perimeter of above ground floors have windows 03 24 2014

All future architecture should be mandated so that the entire perimeter of above ground floors have windows 03 24 2014


So that one can plant window boxes and vegetable seedlings there during the winter!  The concept of house within a shell of windows is one that should have come to be a long time ago too!  Whereby the inner wall could be black paneled during the winter and therefore a heat sink that could be used in conjunction with a fan system to heat the interior and a white panel system for the summer to keep the home cool.  Also during the summer the upper parts of the window wall could be vented to let the heat rise out!  And maybe with a black panel in the summer that would prevent the interior of the home from heating due to  heat sink and dispersion effect?

So how did I come up with this idea?  I wanted a plant to grow in my room over the winter.  Plants make the air more healthy for you!  I knew from prior experience that tobacco is easy to start and grows like a weed.  Now that it has taken over my window I realize that I should be able to plant something that I can actually use like a mint tea or vegetable.  But those are harder to grow from seed from my experience, but if I had complete perimeter window space I could attend to them better?

So it is indeed the concept of a house as a greenhouse?  And there was a company that even made photovoltaic electricity producing panels whereby the light could also come through them as in a green house.  They are called Hanwha SolarOne Co. Ltd., but I have yet to see any installations of them.

And possibly there might be a great trend in the future whereby when a person goes to put new siding on their homes they instead use the double wall type structure.  So how would that work?  They would need a little extra space on their property to expand outward.  For example the expansion could entail a walking corridor around the building or just a reach the window box planter effect.  In either case, a layer of concrete would have to be laid around the perimeter of the home and threaded rod ends sunk into it.  Then premanufactured risers with L brackets that were there own weight and load baring properties could rise up around the home, (just as a plant grows.)  They would be anchored to the already in place exposed wall studs and would even be of such structure that they would provide more support to the original home; in effect a homeowner could add an extra story to their home because that exoskeleton would be so strong.  The interior walls would indeed be some type of solar panel that produced electricity; if that indeed can be done through light transmission through the glass, and it can.

And that exoskeleton would be made of appropriate I beam type steel.

Also the pitch of the roof would have to change or be "peak re-pitched with a riser system, again weight bearing to the exoskeleton in addition to the original framework.

Now with a house like this one could grow food in the winter and seedlings in the winter and plant them outside when the weather gets warm?

And indeed the architecture would need standard provisions to be aesthetically pleasing, such as rounded glass corners?

And of course we cannot have any people that would throw stones at people living in glass houses in this new world!  So you make the choice!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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