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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Barrack on narrow use as justification of violation of human rights 03 25 2014

Barrack on narrow use as justification of violation of human rights 03 25 2014

He believed it was only justified in terms of obtaining a narrow spectrum of information.  And he was very vague or one might use the term hip.  That is how a criminal speaks when they give their alibi!  It is the opposite of honesty.

What he is really saying is that it is okay to violate human rights if we can derive just one important thing from the human?  What does that human have?

I never told you of the story of the gang of little black boys that went through me and my Jewish friends pockets when we were boys at Summerfest?  We had something they wanted too?  And that justified them to go through our pockets?

I am listening to him speak and he uses the reason as something that has to be "pursued!"  A better word might be stalked!  Someone that he feels needs to be stalked.  Stalking or pursuing is a concept used by Predators!

Barracks mental clarity and verbal ability come from tobacco use!  That is why it is one of the most dangerous drugs to humanity!  In the process of getting ahead many get cancer and die.  So people made the personal choice that they should not have been allowed to make?

One could make the case that smoking tobacco is a legacy of English Witchcraft's negative influence on the United States?  Slavery was too!

Brings up the issue, when is strong verbal ability really the equivalent of Witchcraft?  When it is used to manipulate the health of human beings for money?  What was that television commercial really supporting- the death of humanity?  When does strong verbal ability really make the person the equivalent of a Witch or Warlock;  when they have a defective hippocampus.  Oh Tom you are totally wrong, people with a defective hippocampus would not even learn how to talk?  No!  There are plenty of people who have learned how to talk and yet do not even know how to read.  The only way they would have learned how to talk was for its utility to manipulate other people!  Who needs words?  I will just say what that person said which made them so effective in getting what they wanted.  And when I can't figure out what to say today I will have a smoke?  And at the end of the day when I realize I didn't know what to say I will have a drink.  The drug use is its own pagan religion!

Aha here I have it!  The Wiccan English defeated the Puritans by bringing over black slaves to work on Tobacco plantations!!!  Therefore Tobacco use was the mainstay of the English Wiccan Religion! Tobacco is indeed the drug of choice of the witch doctor.  And what is a witch doctor if not the equivalent of an English Druid impaling human beings in the forest in order to divine their Gods from them? And England has ALWAYS been an enemy of the United States!  ALWAYS!  This tells us why the United States was founded in the first place!!!!  The Puritans with their high standards of human health believed themselves to be Godly and indeed were fleeing the English Druids who impaled human beings in order to divine who their Gods were!  The Druids worship the monkey.  It is also thought that they had an affinity for the black man because of that!  They viewed him to be monkey like?

Tobacco was also the drug of choice of the Native Americans who scalped human beings?  What is the symbolism of cutting off the skin and hair of a mans head?  Jealousy for them having something you don't have?  Just as the English Druids were jealous of human beings and killed them in order to divine their Gods?

And today we have the Black adult male,  Barrack Obama telling us that spying into our homes is justified!

Now; that the black man has been freed from slavery from his English Confederate Druids does not give him the right to stalk human beings!

Do you see how that which would have us presume it is seeking justice is really the cause of this countries and the worlds problems?

The black man was freed.  But he wasn't freed to enslave through prostitution!!!  That incites a Civil war worse than the first one!  The black man was freed but he wasn't freed to push drugs on human beings and ruin their lives!  He was not freed by white human beings so that he could turn around and victimize the very kind who would save him from slavery in the first place.  He was not freed so that he could propagandize and implement the enslavement of human minds through psychiatry!  He was not free so that he could profess that guns could be taken away from the very people of the human mindset who would have freed him in the first place!  He was not freed so that he could Vondoon zombify a human beings mind, under the euphemism of psychiatry, in place of personal development and achievement!

Martin Luther Kings dream did not include people like Barrack Obama.

Also I have to wonder how many bastard children Martin Luther King created in hotel rooms?  Part of the FBI surveillance on him did report how he made the women holler?  So indeed he was a complete fraud!  For the bastard network is not freedom!  

And tell me if you don't think this next expression is true from your personal experience, "A smoker is NEVER on the level!"

Thomas Paul Murphy
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