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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What they haven't told you about Glaucoma 03 25 2014

What they haven't told you about Glaucoma 03 25 2014

I have so much sinus pressure on the left side of my head that it is causing glaucoma on that side.  How do I know this?  Because if I am lucky in the morning the left sinuses of my head will drain.  It resembles much like a babies thrush or that nasal secretions babies have.  How do I know I have glaucoma pressure because it was diagnosed about a month ago by my Optometrist.  And it was differential pressure whereby the left eye was greater.

Now we all know very well that the left side of a mans brain is his analytical or man side!  That is what makes us men.  Now I also do hear voices in my head and I will assert that they originate from those that are not real men or who have a defective hipppo campus!

That which is not a man wants nothing greater than to be able to experience what it is to be a man and think like a man.  In fact the underlying reality of this concept has such broad and horrific implications that a grouping of women, not all, should never be allowed to commercially work in the United States!  Why?  Because they create sickness in the minds of real men, to the point that they are blinded!  And both Mitt Romney who was the contender for President of the United States as well as Osama Bin Laden who bombed the United States had nothing good to say about American Women.  I cannot make the broad claim because my mother was a good person and indeed she was valedictorian of her high school class in fact her friends were so jealous of her that they put something, not alcohol, in her soda when she was young that made her act silly.

Now in terms of demonic possession of the minds of men by those who are not I could get into the issue of elasticity of the sinus cavity.  And that was indeed what Einsteins brain was like.  But more to the point the brains of those diagnosed with Schizophrenia also show signs of that increased cavity spacing!!!  It has to do with adapting to the mind of the beast that is trying to demonically possess you?  And right there is where we have to abolish all drugs from earth so that the mentally defective are not ever created again.  We also need to have a dosy do square dance mentality with regard to dating so that inbreeds are not created.   People should fall in love based on connection.  And I will tell you this when they don't marry for love but for physical looks or attributes it leads to children being born ugly too?  And indeed there are a wide range of facial looks a woman can have for me to consider her attractive and take the first step to wanting to date her.  But before I ever take that first step based on looks I try and get a sense to their personality.  I don't want to marry a revived still born who can't think for herself.

But right in that first paragraph I have linked glaucoma to sinus pressure!!!  There is no refuting that!  But what that implies is that the cause of the sinus pressure is very hard to get rid of!  It is hiding behind only one eye!  Now this brings up the issue of illnesses that affect just the left side of the body and that is something I need to research.  My father had a calcium deposit in his left testicle.  I have a bulging disc pain on the left side of my spine, I have mild scoliosis and a mildly deviated septum to.  So it makes me wonder.  Even though a Doctor will give you a remark with regard to an inquiry like that which is the equivalent of being hit on the head with a gold tipped cane.

Now I have been told that breathing iodine will relieve sinus problems, as well as horseradish and it Asian form of Wasabi, as well as Ferrum phosphoricum, as well as steam, but none of these has lessened that sinus pressure or allowed that left sinus that is causing glaucoma pressure in that left eye to drain.  And yes if those voices would quiet down that would help me from being prevented from being blinded too.  And they have the ability to quite down because they have done so in the past.    What am I getting at?  The beast among us blinds us?  Right?  Ones body cannot heal in the presence of agitation?  One cannot heal in the presence of stress?

And perhaps if you were born into a life of stress because you have a defective hippo-campus and therefore learning and memory difficulty you should be completely removed from the rest of society that doesn't!  You are not part of diversity!  That is not diversity!

And there is nothing that the mentally defective would crave more than the connection to the analytical side of a mans brain!  Make the connection and they too feel like they are men.  Just as the man who supports himself by biting off a competitors ear is very comfortable with himself on television.  He's confident.  People like him....

You know given the choice of allowing you to blind me or sending you off to a camp; I would send you off to a camp so that you cannot blind others too!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

How many people would a vondoon negro blind in order to become President?  How many negros do negros mentally blind by selling them drugs every day?

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