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Monday, March 17, 2014

The Negro American and Work 03 17 2014

The Negro American and Work 03 17 2014

So here is how it likely happened.  Explorer's came upon the continent of Africa and sought a peaceful exchange with Africans.  Soon after they learned that their society relied on Cannibalism and head hunting.  In fact they attempted to bury a white boy alive by presuming him to be dead after they gave him a nerve toxin from a puffer fish!  Now that boy recovered or rose from the dead would be the terminology from the Bible with regard to the black Pharo's or Pamakos?  Means all like that one, pharmacy and witchcraft!

So those white people got very angry at the negros!  In fact they found out that they posed a great threat to humanity!  They did not know how to grow food for themselves and instead ate people!  Now that would be a crime against humanity and punishable by the death sentence practically anywhere in the world, but somehow in post Confederate South America and Corporate dominated America today it isn't!  Some how we wrote another work of legal fiction.

So we encounter those negro's eating people and what did we do?  We thought that we would teach them how to work on farms and produce crops!  After all we could not have them eating human beings!  Nor could we have them using nerve toxins on us!  And that would indeed be a cause that would incite such an effort as slavery of them!  In fact you do that to someone and you can expect you are going to get it!  However for some reason you never feared discipline from a father type figure did you!

And who doubts when they saw the white boy coming they thought first and foremost that would be a great one to zombify and make a living dead out of?

And there is some truth to this article, right?

But what is my point?  Black people you ought to have learned how to grow crops without beating people!  You can give us your crying black history all you want but I bet none of it includes the knowledge of how to farm so you could feed yourselves even though you worked on farms!  And the minister Farrakhan confirmed that concept! We are to provide you with food for 20 years and land of your own?  What kind of useless Queen of Sheba does he think he is?  What am I getting at?  You have some responsible thinking about that you have to do for yourselves!  I know you can do it!  I have confidence in you!  And maybe the first step black people need to take is to tel the world that some of them do not have their own minds!  Because when they do that then the real black people that have their own minds can be freed from the vondoon mental slavery to help make decisions more clearly for the rest of them!  In other words, do that planning that Farrakhan doesn't have a clue about!

And how hard was it really for a plantation worker?  You have a lot of time off or not?  You plant the seed in the spring and let the rain water it?  Then in the fall you go out to pick the harvest?  Other than that the black woman was the prostitute of the slave master?  And maybe there could have been more work with regard to it because of weeding the fields and also if water had to be transported to them?  But we don't really know do we because this wasn't preserved as a part of your history.  And perhaps this paragraph is an oversimplification.  Maybe you spotted a wild boar in the field and you called, "Master a wild boar get the gun?"  And sure this is likely an oversimplification but do you know what else it true?  It is probably black people that are manning the non lethal sonic weaponry that incited me to write it!  Drive me out of my mind with that while I am working!  You know what?  I am going to revert to a few paragraphs earlier here, you do that to someone and you are going to get it; and it is going to pull the whole race in with you as well as those who are genetically similar and white!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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