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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

INTELLIGENCE VICTIMIZED Monotheism has taken many forms 03 25 2014

INTELLIGENCE VICTIMIZED Monotheism has taken many forms 03 25 2014
Perhaps the most horrific is that we are all to worship the physical and mental birth defective people created from drug use and abuse (as well as inbreeding)
And they do not know what a threat they pose to humanity because their parents spoiled them and taught them they are to be worshiped.
What are examples of these people?
1.        A parent fighting with a referee at his toddler’s soccer game.
2.       Corporate CEO’s and Corporate management polluting our air and water for money and denying we have the right not to have it polluted.

3.       In parts of Europe those special education children would be killed at any age?  And I don’t disagree with that!  It is not a pagan belief system it is the sacrifice of the children of pagans or pagan children?  The alcohol and drug user is a pagan.  The Bible calls it sins of the flesh or works of the flesh.
And it doesn’t matter if a religion supports, condones or propagandizes pagan beliefs, they are still pagan beliefs!  You cannot label pagan behavior a religion!  You cannot protect it with a label!  You cannot legitimate it!  Just as you cannot label a victim of pagan beliefs that hears voices in their heads mentally ill!  They are not mentally ill they are mentally victimized!  They are mentally harmed but not mentally ill.  They are mentally traumatized but not mentally ill.  Or perhaps the best label you could ever call a Schizophrenic would be INTELLIGENCE VICTIMIZED!
Now can you imagine what would happen if even one of those pagan men were allowed to sire a bastard network within our country?  We need a DNA database to prevent that!  What has organized crime really been up to?  Have they sired a bastard network?  When such a son goes to buy a gun and his DNA test comes back 1 of 101 mongrel bastards he doesn’t get the gun he gets the gas chamber instead for racketeering and creating a criminal NETWORK of the United States!  Nobody wants the “bouncer” gene in their community!  Real men don’t appreciate the “happy mongrel!”  He is happy because he never had to think for himself once in his life!  And we are all to look to him as if he has done everything possible to achieve his success in life; when nothing could be further from the truth!  His happiness comes because he believes he is someone he isn’t!
Perhaps this is the best example of what I am talking about, The well adjusted man that is happy looks very comfortable with himself on television and the next thing that happens is he is biting off a man’s ear for money! And the next time you see him on television he looks even more well adjusted and happy.  And that is the role model for boys in the United States today!
This is something that preys on human beings!  It has infested our Country!
Now I know what it is like to be a little boy and have idols, but in order for you to be a man you need to have a long time ago in your maturation process abandoned that concept.  In effect you need to abandon that concept of monotheism whereby you are dependent to the soul of one man in favor of polytheism.
Now here is what I think of the Confederate South and the infestation of their inhumanity on the rest of the country.  What man would drink hard liquor and then have a mentally defective child and then say to him, “Don’t worry we can find a smart child’s soul to piggyback and live from?”  And the concept of monotheism really equates to their only be allowed to be one human being who can think for himself or herself living in a community or village and that they are to have their INTELLIGENCE VICTIMIZED for the sake of the Mongrel Bastard network.  Mongrel being the basis of the word German and also meaning Mixed race, breed or in my humble opinion species!
Famous polytheist’s in world history were both Jesus Christ a Jewish man and the Puritans that founded the United States.  And it is a great shame that the Catholic Religion claims Jesus Christ as their God and one and only God whereas he himself was a Polytheist.  Polytheist can be boiled down to mean a human being that is responsible and can think for himself!  When even a few defective minded are allowed to form groups of monotheism it is a great threat to the sustainability of the human race!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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